To Write Or Type?

Last Update: July 10, 2017

I want to talk and find out others opinion on whether you find it more creative to type your blog or write it on paper? I personally have been more creative and a quicker writer now I am writing them down first in a pad. I did just type at first and I found it to be the opposite. ...there is something about pen and paper..thoughts?

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ericpierre Premium
Pen and paper? What's that? Never heard! :)
I do the writing on my computer. But before I do the typing I use pen and paper for outlining my ideas and how the post shall look.
Thanks for sharing, Smitty!
Ivine Premium
Hi Smitty, I type. It makes correcting mistakes easy. Irv.
Lizzypoo Premium
I'm old school I guess and like to write my whole idea on paper. But type it immediately for easier corrections or add-ons.