The easiest way to perform Search & Replace actions on your Wordpress site

Last Update: June 21, 2019

Let's face it, there are many possible scenarios where you may need to update or replace certain things in your live content. Invalid links generated by discontinued affiliate programs, changed emails or physical addresses, industry shifts, domain changes, etc, etc.

And yes, I know, Wordpress comes with a native Search & Replace feature:

But! This native feature will only allow you to perform Search & Replace actions in the current content of a given post or page ... In other words, you'll have to manually open/edit every single post and page to find and replace the targeted term or phrase ... And that could be a VERY time-consuming task.

And the problem could be even more complicated ... You may want to remove or replace a certain custom CSS code segment added to several theme template files ... Or you may want to replace or remove things that are stored in the Wordpress database, in tables that you can't even access ... And so on ...

In other words, there are countless situations where you may need a dedicated, professional Search & Replace tool.

This is why I've decided to create a short tutorial where I will show you the easiest plugin-based solution that will allow you to perform efficient, reliable Search & Replace actions on your Wordpress website. Even in your Wordpress database ...


Here it is:

The easiest way to perform Search & Replace actions on your Wordpress site

Enjoy it!

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