I want to review electronics but there is a problem?!

Last Update: September 13, 2016

I want to review electronics (within a certain category)

The problem is that everything I type into Jaaxy - "{product} review" - Amazon, Ebay or some major magazine is ALWAYS top 5.

I have tried different categories too and they all seem to be the same.

Is there any point in trying to compete with these big boys?


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Mark Tait Premium
Hi - yes.

But try narrowing your search by using more words.

So rather than "quadcopter reviews" - search for "how to fly a quadcopter" - write a post about it, and have links in your post to ebooks on how to fly them (affiliate links of course), YT videos, and of course a link to your review of the top 10 quadcopters - all of which will have links to buy from Amazon or wherever with your affiliate link in it.

So capture people's interest first - give them a good reason to read your posts (how to fly...), build their trust and offer resources for more information, or linked products (ebooks and quadcopters).

So rather than just have a quadcopter review, you now have a very useful resource, with links to other relevant information.

I hope that helps?

All the best, Mark
skandy85 Premium Plus
Awesome. Thank man. Appreciate the help! :-)
Mark Tait Premium
You're welcome - I was using quadcopter as an example obviously, but the site model should transfer to almost any product.

Cheers, Mark
Mossboss Premium
Yes, it help me