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Last Update: Oct 3, 2012


At this point in time I am still at it. I am fairly new, to new to have any history for Google to affect. However none of this fits into my plans. I will not let it affect me or my goals. Google this Google that. It is kind of strange that this little announcement came right after I had decided to do a little historical research on affiliate marketing changes. Afterward I decided there will always be change. We have to change with it. Anyway Google did show up quite a bit in this research. It looks like Google has been working on this at least since 2009. These are some of the names that have been given to some of the Google algorithm changes Vince, Mayday, Panda and more recent Penguin. Will someone name this one, who knows. I won't bore you with they details as I am sure some of you lived it. Check them out. All I have to do is to look forward and not back mainly because I don't have a back, however I do sympathize with those who do and any changes that have affected them. I only wish I was knowledgeable enough to dole out some kind of helpful good advice like they have for me. I am positive one day I will be there. One thing I know for sure from my time being here it looks to me like these affiliate marketers new or old are already on top of things and I hear nothing but positive and moving forward talk. Banding together helping one another. This only further boosts my desire to be here to go forward and do things the right way.
Keep on keeping on

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This is for sure a biz of change. But the advice that we see all over WA, adding useful helpful content for your readers will never be "outdated"...

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