Finally Seeing Results!

Last Update: April 07, 2014

I have been interested in Internet Marketing for as long as I can remember and like most have fallen for many scams and get-rich-quick promises. I still have to be careful too!

For the most part my online endeavors have been fruitless and frustrating. That is until I found WA, since that time I have been building confidence everyday in the possibilities.

But even still I took some time to learn to commit! Recently for many reasons I have fostered a new found motivation and belief in internet marketing. I started the webpage in question just last month and though it isn't my first webpage it is the only one I've ever committed to. This website was barely up and featuring very little content at the time however, I saw RESULTS!

Now I'm not saying I hit the jackpot in terms of earnings but I sure felt like I did! I received a small commission for a subscription service, one which I personally use and love!

That means, although the commission was small, it was the VERY FIRST truly passive income I have ever received! I now will be receiving $1.54 USD every month so long as this customer continues with their services!

Internet marketing is now 100% real and achievable to me! My life took a turn that morning and I feel things will forever be changed for the better!!!

Anyways just wanted to share with all my fellow noobs, after all I'm VERY aware how much inspiration and real world examples of success - small or large - are to those of us starting out.

After all if I can make $1.54 recurring monthly... why not so much more ;-)

Your friend and fellow adventurer in Internet Success and Prosperity


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jonw Premium
Hey Daniel, Thank U so much for the inspiring words,they mean more than U know to me personally.
Simkin Premium
I'm glad to be of service, best of luck!
jespinola Premium
Hey Daniel,

Congratulations on your first $1.54 you did a good job. Well done.

Jorge x
Lowry Premium
Glad to see fellow beginners doing well. I'm only on my way to start building my site, but I can't wait the first time I earn something - must be a great, great feeling :)
Keep up the good work, Dan (Y)
Simkin Premium
Thanks! Yes the feeling is spectacular it's like opening a door to a whole new world... then finding that in this new world money does grow on trees you just have to know how to plant and nurture the tree until it bears fruits. WA community under the leadership of Kyle and Carson is the place to learn this knowledge. Keep up the good work, be patient, and have faith I'm sure we are all capable of online success here!