Staying focused and or chatting with

Last Update: January 12, 2018

Name registered...I am moving along but I could get distracted with all the extra stuff like chatting with fellow members...I do really like people..Not quite understanding the why to chat and share(its natural for me to do this) but it sure costs me time sometime...I ready someone said points or something...Will I get this information later on? I need to stay

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ArtianB Premium
It is nice to stay in focused and to chat sometime
JFerrizzi Premium
Staying focused is sometimes hard
Set your goals and stick with them.
Zarina Premium
Sometimes? All the time! lol
LouisaB Premium
I easily get distracted at times, but I am finding ways to not engage where it's not necessary.
Kev-dogg Premium
What works for me is to have a set time for member communication. I make sure the first three hours or so of my day is completely focused on my projects as I am sharpest. Then I do some communication and random things to stay productive. Then back to the never ending "list."

Just find your groove!
Shybuster Premium
Yes, just learned the how to create articles and holy moly, focus will be needed..I just hope at some point it will become easier and second
Zarina Premium
That's a good approach - myself, I try to check Facebook/Instagram (feed + messages) in the evening, so that I can focus on work.

I do check WA in the morning but only to see what's going on here and find some inspiration with success stories.
GailLowe Premium
Hi Annette. It's easy to get distracted here (or anywhere else for that matter) but staying focused really is the key to success.......
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. All the best. Gail