Avoiding Distractions in a Work from Home Opportunity.

Last Update: February 04, 2019

In this blog post, we will talk the different types of distractions that affect your success and what you can do to achive success.

According to today’s market, the average success rate in a home-based business is only 3%. More than 97% people fail in the home-based business. There are several reasons why many people fail in the home-based business. However, all of them fall into four major categories. These are called the Demons of Defeat.

The four major demons that affect our success are:

  • Ø Distraction.
  • Ø Indecision.
  • Ø Doubt.
  • Ø Fear.

Now, we will elaborate each of the above demons of defeat in greater detail.

  • Distraction:

As we all know, Distraction is one of the biggest factors that affect our success. In our day to day lives, there are so many activities that are happening simultaneously. It is very difficult to keep our minds in multiple areas at the same time. However, the demon of Distraction uses three primary weapons. These include the following – Time Traps, Life Crisis and a New Opportunity.

Now, I will elaborate each of the above weapons and what you can do to counteract it.

  • Indecision:

The second demon of defeat that you need to overcome in order to achieve success is Indecision. Achieving any focus goal in life requires you making hundreds or thousands of decisions – whether it is big or small. This leads us into the Analysis- Paralysis trap. These decisions can be categorized into two forms. They are: Major Decisions and Minor Decisions.

The Major decisions will have significant long-term ramifications in the future. The minor decisions will have no significant long-term ramifications. The good news is, most of the decisions are minor decisions. However, we waste time looking for the right answer. In reality, there is no right or wrong answer. The best way, is to select an option listening to your gut instinct and be done with it.

The secret to making Major decisions is to use a well-defined Decision-Making process. Now, we will discuss the following steps in solving the major decision-making process.

Step 1: Define your Decision.

Step 2: Identify your Real Objective.

Step 3: Write down your Options.

Step 4: Explore Each Option.

Step 5: Do the Pros and Cons Analysis.

Step 6: Ask for Advice.

Step 7: Pray and/or Meditate on your decision.

Step 8: Make a Choice.

Step 9: Commit to your Decision.

  • Doubt:

Doubt is one of the most dangerous demon that you need to overcome in the journey to your success. No matter, how further one goes in his journey to success – one situation that affects all of us is self-doubt. You will begin to question at some point, whether all the hard-work is worth the effort. Self-doubt destroys your inner belief and begin to make you feel disillusioned.

Initially, when you start any home-based business- you are super excited and start working hard towards your focus goal. This initial belief causes your enthusiasm rise high in your energy. At the initial stages, you make significant progress and are rapidly reaching towards your focus goal. However, after a period of time – your initial endeavor begins to wear off and you begin to lose your motivation and sense of belief.

As this happens, we come across different doubters who try to pull us down. They cast all their doubt bags on us. The people who make these kinds of comments are dream stealers. If we continue to accept the comments of the dream stealers, then your focus goal will never become a reality.

There is however, a solution to this problem!

You need to reignite your belief by focusing on your core focus goal. You also need to discard the doubt bags thrown by people on you. Once, your inner belief becomes stronger – then you will be able to work on making your focus goal a reality.

To reignite your inner belief, one way to do this is to create a success vault! A success vault is a display book that keeps record of all your past achievements. Some of the credentials that you can put in your success vault are: your recommendation letters, your achievement certificates, your awards. It is pretty much anything that you have achieved a significant honorary. This gives you a good feeling about your work.

When you are caught up in the Self Doubt scenario -these are the following steps that you need to implement:

Step 1: Find a quiet spot in a nice location.

Step 2: Look through your Success Vault.

Step 3: Draw energy from your past successes.

Step 4: Rekindle your Inner Desire.

Step 5: Gain new perspective.

Step 6: Get back on track.

Step 7: Find and Spend time with people who will support your vision.

  • Fear:

The demon of fear uses several weapons that prevents your business to achieve success. However, it can be classified into three major categories. They are:

  • Fear of Failure.
  • Fear of Unknown.
  • Fear of Criticism.

The Fear of Failure stems from a situation in the past, where you tried an opportunity and failed. Hence, it’s safer never to try again. The main problem with this situation is, unless you set goals and risk failure – you can never achieve success. It is very important to realize that failure is not the final destination. It is rather a place you pass through on your way to achieving your success.

One should realize that failure is not the opposite of success. In fact, failure is a very important component for achieving your success. It is only through the process of trying and failing, we gain the knowledge we need to achieve success.

The Fear of Unknown is the situation where we imagine all the worst-case scenarios associated to the opportunity that we are focusing on. The main problem is, we gradually construct a wall of fear within our mind. This wall of fear separates you from your goal making it impossible to cross. The crucial thing to remember when faced with the fear of unknown – all the thoughts that are running in our mind are not real. There are three things you can do to conquer the fear of the Unknown.

  • Replace the negative thoughts of what you fear to positive thoughts to what you believe.
  • The second step to conquer the fear of the unknown is to gain additional knowledge.
  • The third step is to take action by changing the fear of the mind to the practical reality of what you are dealing with.

The Fear of Criticism is the fear of what people may think and say about you. We are surrounded by many people who speak negative of your business. In order to conquer the fear of criticism, the following are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Be selective about who you share your idea with.
  • Get to work, make it happen and let the results speak for itself.
  • Understand the people don’t think about you nearly as much as you do.

Also it is important to understand, that the criticism is not about you. It is about them.

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Nice article and points of information
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Very nice article ... like the way you bring the points home ... lots of information ... needs to be read more than once ... thank you for the reminders of obstacles that have to be overcame to get the formula working in the right direction ... these are all facts that we forget to look at in our day to day grind of trying to make the directional wheel turn the right way ... cheers ... Michel