How to overcome negatives that hold you back!

Last Update: July 22, 2017

Hi Everyone, Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
How many in this Community - a - KNOW ABOUT or b - BELIEVE LAW OF ATTRACTION HELPS YOU HERE IN WA?
If you care to answer please indicate - A or A and B
I would also welcome any specific comments on how it has helped you? Your experience could help countless others.

It was A and B for me.
Although I've only been here a short time I'm sure the training just by itself will make you succeed! But personally I would not have had the confidence to have joined WA without knowing that I can clear all the inevitable and life long negatives from my mind. It enabled me to KNOW that if I do the work I TOO WILL be successful.
If you are interested in knowing more in the fastest way possible (after all it is not necessary to take away time from working in WA) - just listen to videos while doing housework or walking or while relaxing. My Recommendation is to watch Your Youniverse on Youtube as they seem to me the best videos that stick to the basics. They provide meaningful Advice rather than get too broadly into the subject as some do.
The first I recommend is How to Use Your Inner Power to Manifest a Life of Success + Powerful Affirmations to Use! This practice he speaks of before bed was so powerful for me and I try to do in the morning as well - for just a few moments. Huge change came about AFTER one of my Lowest Days when I was just a beginner. I wanted to quit WA and not even go premium. Getting out of our Comfort Zone is uncomfortable But if we aren't living the life we Want there, then it's Time to find a better Comfort Zone!

Best Regards

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LesaJ Premium
I say A and B also. Thanks for the link, I think I'll go there soon.
ShirleyAnne Premium
Your Welcome. I hope you enjoy it.
HalimNajm Premium
First you'll really want to change and then work hard on them, And reading books like Zig Zigler books. I was there and that's what I did
MKearns Premium
Gotta expose those negatives and make them positives Shirley!
ShirleyAnne Premium
Yes it's what I did and how I did it that I'm sharing with others and giving them a link if they too would like to turn their negatives into positives.
I'm hoping it can help others as well.