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Hi Everyone, Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!How many in this Community - a - KNOW ABOUT or b - BELIEVE LAW OF ATTRACTION HELPS YOU HERE IN WA?If you care to answer please indicate - A or A and B I would also welcome any specific comments on how it has helped you? Your experience could help countless others.It was A and B for me.Although I've only been here a short time I'm sure the training just by itself will make you succeed! But personally I would not have had the confidence to have
I really value many of the comments that are being made about Post/Blog Content. I also agree with a suggestion I read (and sorry can't give credit to that great Thinker) that the two different content types should be separated. I agree with that.But what if this can be self determined. Perhaps the authors themselves can check mark their content type or can there be a newly installed Content Button? Choices can be Business related only / or Social Content / or Daily inspirations or .....