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Last Update: July 25, 2021

Hi Everyone, hope your are having a great day or night depending on where on the planet your are at the moment of reading this post

Today topic is


A disclaimer here

Some point in this article are purely for discussion, because other members may have similar views or thought on the topic

First up

Why would a member write a blog post, then post it with an expectation for other members to comment, like or even share it, then when members left a decent or relevant comment on the post, the writer do not exercise the common decency to reply to the comment, why ?

Next up

Why would a member who do not read or comment on your post, would search the entire platform, find your comment and like all of them, then your received 15 email from Wealthy affiliate that member X1009 has like 15 of your comment, is that Spamming?

Next up

Why do members complaint about the ranking at wealthy affiliate when they all knew what is required of them to do in the community in order to climb the rank,why ?

So this is just 3 topics to put the Puppies amongst the kittens to get a reaction

But am not finished, I will kick the ball rolling

When members comment on some members blog post,I have seen lots of members who do not reply to their comments, I am telling those members to stop this practice

Its bad for business, and it's contrary to what wealthy affiliate teach

Wealthy Affiliate teach to answer your email and comments as soon as possible, yea, that what wealthy affiliate teach

Second up, Members who are searching the platform looking for other members comment and liking all of them, but not reading or commenting on the said member blogs, should stop it immediately ,

Its Spamming "in a neat manner" , plus the same time that you spend searching for comments to like, that same time could read the members post and be supportive by leaving a decent and motivational comment on the same member post

That would be more helpful and encourage the member, instead the member believe that your are doing Spamming in HD

Last but not Least

Stop complaint about the ranking, just welcome some new members , read and comment on lots of blogs daily, do some site comment, join the live chat, Answer some questions from members and blog often

Kyle would love every single member to do this, then both him and Carson would have problem with the ranking, because the algorithm may need assistance, but this is not happening , blame laziness and selfishness and no time or blame the pandemic

So get involved do some work in the community, then the algorithm will see your work and compensate you, by improving your rank

I hope this didn't come across as a rant, because it's just


Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Family, now join the discussion, have your say , your comment may be helpful, always remember it's a WINNER action to get involved


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RogerMackley Premium
Hello Hentley, good points you have, I have trouble keeping up with the comments on blogs. The more I follow and follow me, the more comments that are needed and wanted, and I always get behind during the week days. But we try to do our best while trying to move forward. Have a great weekend.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Hi my friend Hentley,

Mine is Curiosity as first I am not here for the rank, but focus on my training, second I do not comment just for the rank but i comment on their blog cuz it touch me somehow,

Just to be fair, I don't expect members to be like me or you . If the blog is not referring to what training topic am in, then i do not comment for I am not there yet, simple as that, got nothing to do with the author.

Beside how can you be effective making comment if you did not read the blog? I don't get it! Sometimes if you read the blog it's easier to make comment, it comes naturally, unless you do not know or read the blog, LOL

We all are busy but put an effort to be in the community if you can if not then be nice at least and follow the rules, You are right Hentley and pay forward to welcome & help the newbie and member who just came on board!

WE all for one and one for all!

Cheers my friend Hentley,

Diosa , I get what you are saying , everyone not going to be the same , but if that member read and comment on some of your post , then it's ok , but when a member don't read nor comment on none of your blog
Why search the platform and like 15 of your comment,
It doesn't look good
Jocelyn30 Premium
Absolutely Hentley my friend,

I couldn't agree more what you we're saying!
My point of view there, they could do that and fool themselves ha ha ha ha,

If you know what I mean, sometimes we just LOL about it more better, as long as we are not doing it and we follow the right rules

For sure we are not going to be affected by it but themselves in the end of the day!

Salute to you my friend for you voice out to the community your point! Just hope they will realized what they are doing!

Chill and have a good day!

Stragglewise Premium
Yes, I get what you are saying. I usually try to leave a comment, but now and then I just can't think of anything to add, and I am busy, so I feel like it would be better to acknowledge the post with a like than nothing at all. And I always read the post!
It is a good point, though. It only takes a minute to say a few words, and it is usually very much appreciated by the author. I think the few who are only in it for themselves are going to have a hard time.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I do the same thing, Craig!
Jeffrey , am not referring to you , because you are one of the genuine reader who play a big role in the community , by offering helpful comments
Am saying as a new members here it's unfair for senior member to scan the platform and like all of the comment that is left on other members blog
But that same member never read or comment on none of the blog that I post
What happened if I should do the same
Just scan the platform , look for all of that member comment and like them , but never read nor comment on none of the blog that member post
I will try that , to see if that member will be happy with that
I am happy that you understand Stagglewise , it's not rocket science nor Bitcoin mining
Members should stop it
Because if other members search the platform and like all of their comments and never left a comment on none of their post that will not look good
Thanks for the understanding
JeffreyBrown Premium
The likes are at least a way to show that one stopped by, but maybe they had nothing to add, or it didn't interest them!
Newme202 Premium
Wonder if I am going to stop chuckling at your post enough to comment on it.

Definitely not a rant.
I, too, experience that daily.

Can you imagine that I respond to lots of blogs daily and then I received about 100 or more likes from a particular member stating that they like my post but they haven't commented on it?

Yes, this is what has been happening, and you are so right, it is really annoying!

I had to email 2 members recently and politely asked them to stop. Why like and not comment?
I find it is rude to do so!

Your other point about writing blogs but not responding, is also a puzzle for me

Why do it unless it is done for attention seeking?
I have seen it many times but I've also seen where members take the time to comment and then all their comments are deleted.

Do you know how rude and unappreciated, that is?
I couldn't see myself doing something like this!
It should be common courtesy, just to reply and say something.

Your third point, I guess is just of members' ignorance of what is required in the community.
It is still best for us to focus on our business and make that a priority.
But if we plan appropriately, we can have an appropriate balance that we can just make it to work.
Cuz , someone have to say it , lots of them will loose their ardent readers for this , because it's about support , if you don't comment and offer support to your followers , they will disappear ,
As simple as that
Some of these behaviour has to be highlighted
Newme202 Premium
DivineGood Premium
Wow! My goodness, all of these
are happening here ... I must be
in outer space... lol

You know, take it easy because
no matter what, people would
still do what they want and we
cannot really control that and
stop them from doing it.

Also, maybe some are real busy
that they do not have the time
to respond or probably forgot

I do not know.

We have to just understand
each other here and we have
to make sure that we treat
everybody with respect.

Alright, my dear, take a break
and a breather.. soon be over.

Aren't you glad you noticed
them and able to post them?

Peace be with you!

Well someone has to say it , we are all adult here , it's not nice when wealthy affiliate send you email and you open 15 of them and they all say member Xz2069 has like your comment all 15 of them , that can't be accepted and then it's happening over and over
Especially when that member is not commenting on none of your post
That's not a good behaviour
DivineGood Premium
That is unbelievable.

Honestly, what is their intention
in doing that?

This is really mind-boggling.

Anyway, not to worry about it.

Be at peace.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Hentley, you can actually click on your profile picture go to emails setting and check the box stopping all the like messages--that will cut your mail way be and make things a lot easier! After all, members can like your comments, but may not necessarily need to add a duplicate response to them!

Ok thanks for that Jeffrey , I have no problems with members like my comments ,
The problem is when member scan the platform and like all of your comment , but never comment on none of your blog post ,
Then there is 15 email from the said member ,that he has like 15 comment
That can't be nice