Superb Free Collage App

Last Update: March 23, 2019

I discovered this great photo collage app which is free and simple to use. You just pick the images you want from your library and slide the frames across before finding the most suitable one.

This photo collage app is called, funnily enough, PhotoCollage and the app is available for download, funnily enough, from the App Store. I cannot say whether it is available on Google Play or not.

I just thought some of you would like to put a different angle on your images,

Best wishes all,


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marmar463 Premium
That is awesome and thank you for sharing this information with us I really appreciate that. The dog is cute

FKelso Premium Plus
That's a great suggestion, especially for people who want to put a collection of pictures together on a post.
MiaL Premium Plus
Thanks Steve!
CandP Premium
Thanks, Steve, this would make an interesting change.
Colette and Philip
NewLaurie Premium
Great discovery, Steve! Thanks for sharing it!

ShihTzuSteve Premium
My pleasure, Laurie.