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Last Update: March 22, 2016

After being away for quite some time I am very happy to be back! I've sort of kept WA and everyone here in the back of my mind as I've been busy with other things. Part of my work involves dealing with racism in the Native American sports teams' identities--heavy topic, lots of intensity and emotions from all sides. Did you know that here in Massachusetts we have 40 schools using Native American racist team identities/mascots? Sad in the 21st century. Sadder still when people are killing innocent civilians as in Brussels today over their identities/religions. We need conversations around this issue and I work on opening them up elsewhere. Sports is a good place to start however it can get intense very quickly.

BUT, while all that is going on we need to stay healthy, energized and positive. This is what I want my websites to focus on: Alternative and Creative Health. We need to find good, positive ways to balance our energies, manage our stress and build great lives.

There is a joining of my involvement in Native American issues and alternative health of course. Indigenous peoples have vast stores of historic biologic and environmental knowledge and carry some amazing spiritual wisdom. In time I hope to share some of this very special knowledge. For now I am working to learn the systems here and once I start earning income then I will expand my reach. For anyone interestd in my work to date please see

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sherrie thank you for sharing your insights. Things are moving forward as awareness grows. You will of noticed more than a few changes since joining WA. best wishes moving forward.