A month without writing content activity

Last Update: April 28, 2019

I didn't know why but I stopped blogging or write any content for my now 3 month old website. I just didn't feel interested in it anymore writing new content about electric pressure cookers and I couldn't understand why. I have been working about 20-30hrs a week writing none stop for the first two months since I started this marketing journey with WA this January. Then all a sudden, I couldn't write a few sentences the entire month! I didn't understand why I procrastinated quite suddenly until I learned big news last week.


And about 4 weeks pregnant too which happened the same time I stopped feeling interested in writing anything. It kind of makes sense. There are a lot of hormonal changes are happening and quite possibly my brain made a shift in what I need and not need to do. And with the opening with my daycare with my close friend at her home, I have a sudden interest in all things babies, being a mom and chocolate (cravings).

But here is the problem...what now? I think I have some kind of undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or something because my brain only function when I do things I have an high interest in doing. And as soon as I'm bored with something, I'm done with the subject and won't touch it anymore.

So if my marketing is about electric pressure cookers (e.i. Instant Pot), what can I do? I mentioned in my last blog that I have an interest in making recipes relating to children and electric pressure cookers since my first niece was born. Unfortunatly, I don't think my website would be successful if all my content is about children and electric pressure cookers (recipes for children, tips on how to teach kids how to use electric pressure cooker, etc). I think I would have to make a new website that I been wanting to do for awhile. I want to make a website that focus on children's toys and games that benefit in motor skills and educational purposes. I been told by many that it's best not to make another website so soon, but with already a whole month of no activity in my site, what can I do if I have a disinterest in writing anything that doesn't relate to babies, children and motherhood?

What are your thoughts on what I should do?

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ShihTzuSteve Premium
First of all, congratulations!
Secondly, I would go ahead with the second website if you have enough ideas to write post after post to your new niche.
sfortson Premium
I think you should switch your niche, it just makes perfect sense, you will grow with your new niche as well.
Best of wishes and many congratulations!!
Cbaxley1 Premium
What are you truly passionate about? You could do both websites and make do with that. Just an example about myself. I was at that stage also (not pregnant) lol, but just didn't seem to be interested anymore with the site. Then I got back into it, for pure motivation to prove to myself, that I was going to make it online. I have been at it for a little over 7 months with almost 1000 subscribers.

One the pressure cooker marketing website, you could write reviews and place a page in there with your recipes, that would be great for the marketing of those pressure cookers. On the other site I would go for your passion; talking about children's toys and other children activities to do. You are going to be a mother, so that will be a great building platform for your site. I think overall, if you want to start another site; then that would be awesome. Leave the other site to be there for your other passion (pressure cookers, and recipes).

I wish you the best in your career, when your feeling less motivated, just think in 5 years where you will be if you keep going towards your goals of being a professional business woman in the online world. The big picture sometimes get overshadowed by the doubts in our heads, that we may never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep pushing through that doubt and forge through to the finish line.

Congrats on being pregnant.