What I'm Learning in WA

Last Update: August 12, 2017

I am learning a lot but slowly. I am very computer iliterate and I've had two or three people have enough patience to work with me to answer my questions. I have to review things several times before I get it but I'm getting it. I think I found my answer to making a living online and if the following corses and lessons are as good as the first 2 courses, I'm sure I'll make it. I'm very happy with the way I'm receiving what was advertised. I get ripped off and scammed a lot so it's refreshing to have something deliver what is told. Kudos to Kyle and the other founder - I forgot his name sorry!

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markr0675 Premium
Hey Shelley,
A lot of here started with no computer experience. Me included. I still have tons to learn but WA is the best place to be for building an online business with all the help we have.
You will do GREAT here!!!

McWord Premium
It's Kyle and Carson. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for sharing