Don't get side tracked!

Last Update: January 21, 2019

Don't get side tracked!

Hi everyone, so I have just finished Level 4 of the training program. It was awesome and I learned a lot.

I am about to continue with Level 5 but I have a few things that I need to do with my website & my social media first. Things that I was advised to do during Level 3 & 4.

The content of my Blog is probably aimed more at the beginer, but here's hoping that everyone can get a little out of it.

Firstly I want to mention something that dawned on me as I was busy with training. I would finish a Level or Lesson or I would share reviews & then it was panic time:

  • Got to go add media!
  • Got to go add content!
  • Got to go answer Messages & mail!
  • Got to do this!
  • Got to do that!
  • Don't forget to answer social mail.
  • That site I just reviewed had, adverts, social widgets, star ratings.

Now I'm panicking cause I don't know how to do most of this stuff! But I sure keep trying, for half a day, and it was just a waste of precious time, cause I couldn't get it right. Why don't I know how to do it? Cause I haven't learned that stuff in the training yet, it is in the next lesson or the one after!

NB: DON'T get Side tracked & don't Panic!!!

Like the picture above. Do you see the huge wave behind me? Well anything can happen when you get distracted & it's not always for the good!

It is so easy to get side tracked, with all that I mentioned in the bullet list. I would have to say, that if you feel the need to find out something in particular, then search it on Wealthy Affiliate. You will probably find it is further along in the training program & if not, then you can probably find everything you need to know as you are referred to some lesson or video or blog etc. that will explain everything and guide you through.

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Thank you all for your time.


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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Shaun, thanks for the good post. My advice to you would be to go back over the training you have done so far. I have always found that if I am trying to do something that I don't understand then I have probably skipped ahead in the training. Just some food for thought and I wish you all the best.
ShaunDoust Premium
Thank you for your comment, Donnie, yes you are so right, I only realized that yesterday.
DaveAsprey Premium
Hi Shaun
Yes I totally agree with you about panicking about not knowing enough. I would also see other sites and think How do I make my site look like that. Then I would research YouTube videos trying to find out how to add different components to my site. It was a waste of time in the end. I realised just to move through the training patiently and stay within WA, this avoids the distractions
Enjoy your day
ShaunDoust Premium
Thank you for your comment Dave, yes all true and if I knew that from the get-go then I believe I wouldn't have wasted so much time.
DaveAsprey Premium
Thanks Shaun. Cheers mate
Maikee Premium
Hi Doust, thank you for sharing your post, currently I am in level 2 & lesson 10. I spent probably 4 months But I still feel I need to learn about the basics stuff.
ShaunDoust Premium
Hi Nazir, thank you for your comment.
That's just fine, here at WA you can work at your own pace, there is no pressure. It is better that you have a good understanding in order to be your best!