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Last Update: October 21, 2015

After retirement, or after a disabling event in your life, do you often wonder how to fill your days. Boy do I know that feeling. Of course if you are associated with WA, you can always write, but even that gets tiring too! Join a group of people that get you going.

40 Something Cowgirls

One day I had the occasion to run into a lady from my past. She told me about a group of women that she helped organize into a group named 40 Something Cowgirls, they just to have fun with their horses. Well that sounded pretty good to me, as my left leg is very weak and will not hold up long enough for me to do too much walking. I was ready to go do girl things.

So I Joined

Dear God, what a great idea that turned out to be. Even though we all like to do different things, we are such a diverse group that you never know where we are going to be or what we are going to do. The age range in this group is from 30 thru 80 and over. Most have horses, many do not ride any longer, many always wanted to but never had a chance to learn, now they do. In short we are a group of dreamers, now living the dreams of our lives, and centered around horses.

I Never Knew there were so Many

These ladies come from all walks of life, from different countries, we now have chapters in Australia, and members in 4 other countries. It is so interesting talk to people from all over and realize how much we have in common. Namely horses.

Ranch Rodeo

This past week-end we had a Ranch Rodeo, all women, we had a ball. The events were modified for all women and added grown people, in order to accommodate those non-riders. A great time was had by all!

Don't Get Bored Get Movin

Life can be fun at any age, just make it happen. If you are or were a horse lover in the past, no matter where you are, you can become a member or start a chapter of the 40 Something Cowgirls/Cowgirl Hall of Fame You would be surprised what a bunch of cowgirls can cook up to do. If you have an interest let me know.



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SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Congratulations for getting out of the rut we all find our selves in
krazykat Premium
Happy Trails Sharon!
tomtitty006 Premium
That,s great that you have found this wee group.Have lots of fun Sharon.Be safe!
SharonAllen1 Premium
Thanks so much