Woohooo! I earned my first commission!

Last Update: May 21, 2013
After some days off the computer, spending time with my family and friends, I had a quick check of my inbox last night. And there it was: a mail stating that I earned a commission! I logged into my affiliate account to verify the good news. And yes, I showed the same commission of 8 $. Not a big amount of money, but one with a huge meaning to me! That's the breakthrough I' ve been looking forward to since I dove into affiliate marketing in October 2012. I knew that it was gonna happen. I just didn't know when.

After I joined WA and started the certification courses two or three weeks ago I realized how random my approach has been up to that point. It was clear why the traffic of that site is so low (under 20 visitors per day). But just in a moment when I didn't expect it, my first commission came in, and it came from from a short, untargeted blog post.
Thinking of what must be possible with a strategic, organized and targeted approach makes
me all excited!

What a great motivation boost:-)
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veronica.l Premium
Congratulations, the first one is the best!! You doubled the amount I earned on my first sale :) Congrats and keep up the good work!!
wtbee2013 Premium
Whooohooo! is right that is so awesome. Great job. I know it would be hard not to share a neat thing like that.

But anyway thanks for sharing. What a great motivation boost for all of us.

; O)
MizzScott Premium
Wow. Congrats!
7948Diane Premium
I'm happy for u.
medic Premium
nothing better than getting those motivation boosts... waiting for my first boost but congrats and hope it continues well done :)