Hello again - Update

Last Update: January 27, 2016

Hi all. Just wanted to let you all know that I am truly liking the community here. Everyone is so helpful. Well, lets get to it. I have completed the getting started course 1 and 2. I created the website, which is www.socialnetpreneur.com. I'm still making changes as I go along. I am happy that I am able to get this far. I do have chronic back issues so I can not be on as much as I want. But, so far so good. I'm hopeful. My goals are honestly to become a great affiliate marketer/internet marketer and to have fun. Within the next 3-6 months I just hope i'm able to achieve a good amount of success.

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BBR913 Premium
Great progress!! Best to you!!

Jrowlands Premium
All the best!
ShantaiMonet Premium
Thank u
CTisby Premium
Website looks great! Congratulations!