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December 31, 2021
Just some kind words of encouragement to help those looking to make extra money from websites, don't limit yourself to just affiliate stuff. Allow yourself the freedom to design websites or re-design websites for businesses.Early this year I had someone reach out to me on my YouTube channel asking for me to make content for them to help with sales, which would bring in affiliate commissions to me when a sale was made from the content I produced on YouTube.After a few months of making content fo
Happy holidays to all, I pray that you, your friends, & your family are safe, secure, & doing well. This has been a trying year for a lot of people...some more than others so it's time to open our hearts.We all have our own journey, our own path, our own ways to be who we want to be.Trying times bring out the best in us even if we don't see it.I say all of this with love.I truly hope all is well.Merry Christmas.Love ya!
December 18, 2020
Use every day wisely!Be grateful.Care.Stay moving forward.Someone, somewhere, didn't get today as an opportunity so never forget that every day is something we have to better ourselves & others.Every morning I wake up, I know this but it took me until I was 36 years old for this to really sink in. Now at 40, I start every morning with a thank you...thank you for an opportunity.You never know who you can help once you help yourself.As we grow, we should share, for nothing more than the fact
December 15, 2020
Gratitude...Accountability...PerspectiveThrough the GAP we can amaze ourselves.Everyone has a choice, everyone can make a difference, everyone has an opportunity.Make the best out of the day, be grateful for what you have, respect yourself enough to take responsibility, & know that your perspective makes the difference in the outcome.Every day is an opportunity.If there is one promise I keep to myself, it is that I will be a better version of myself tomorrow than I am today.It starts with a
December 14, 2020
After being here at Wealthy Affiliate since 2016, I wanted to share some things that have improved my website loading speeds over the years. Now it's the end of 2020 right at Christmas time so why not try to lend a hand.Especially, since I use a really heavy theme. Like most of you, I search the internet left & right over the years to get better loading speeds on my WordPress websites. I use the Divi theme because of the ease of design along with being about to get quick starts by using tem
December 11, 2020
From my 20s to my 30s, I lived day by day reacting to the world around me just like most people do. Learning by trial & error more than research or self-development. As I approached my 40s, I started to realize what was important to me so this led me down a road of learning, of searching, of trying to find a better way. From going to TedX talks to buying every self-help & marketing system I could find.Largely because I knew I was meant to do more than I currently was.Now that I am actua
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Recently I started making PLC videos again on YouTube, even some scheduled to be released about Powerflex 525 drives.As a person who has been in the electrical field for over 22 years & has been programming plc controls for 18 years now, I started my online website design journey as anyone else would do.I had a career that I went to every day, in my case an automation tech, then when I had time off I learned what it would take to start my own training platform.After all, I enjoy helping peo
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December 09, 2020
What often happen to us in our day is extremely important to us so we deal with it as it comes but it is important to note that it is up to us to start our day the right way to progress forward.What do I mean?Basically, making habits that are healthy or educational. Each day we have an opportunity, a chance, an abililty.Starting with a choice to own your day or let it own you. Whether we make great strides or just small ones, moving forward every day is what will change your life for the better
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Marketing Through The Rough RoadsThrough the years I have been doing digital marketing, everything from website building to dirct respeonse marketing with Facebook ads...I have learned some many lessons from the ups & downs.One of the main lessons that I learned that I feel needs to be shared more than making money is to follow your heart.Care about what you do.In the deep times when nothing is going your way, this is the one thing that will keep you going. As long as you care about the bus
May 19, 2020
Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to the Wealthy Affiliate team for having a great website support system & also the new server upgrade with better PHP.Our sites are held at a much better loading speed from most expense sources.Great job!