How Much "SALT" Do YOU Have?

Last Update: August 21, 2016

I'm not talking about the sodium in your bloodstream but the integrity of your character. If you don't know what integrity is let me tell you one definition that I heard a long time ago, "INTEGRITY IS THE ABILITY(CHARACTERISTIC) TO BE HONEST, UPRIGHT & JUST WHEN NO ONE IS AROUND OR LOOKING".

At the time I was just a nappy headed adolescent and the only characteristics I had were all self-centered & self-defeating, but as I grew older & wiser this particular seed of wisdom has continued to grow as well. Finding nourishment here and there from him and her and can't forget about whatchamacallit because they gave me sunshine on some of my darkest days and can't leave out my beautiful new family here at WA.

Some of them are still with me here on this plane of existence while others have moved on to the next. All have helped me along the way now I stand tall like the Baobab ready to be of service but not a tool if you catch my drift.

Today I find myself looking for ways to not only better myself but at the same time that can also lend a helping hand to someone else.

Isn't that the true reason why we are here?

Yea I know we all need money but let's try not to let that breakdown or malfunction of civilization blind us to our purpose and what should be the driving force of our online life as well as our offline.

Money ain't got no feelings, needs or any of things we must have as human beings.

So the moral of the story is are you here only for money or to be of service?

Learning to balance the two can be a very enlightening experience.


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janmar Premium
You are correct! Balance is the key.
brooksbode90 Premium
Very true Shakem, keep the flag of integrity flying high; the world needs it for generations to come.
MPollock Premium
Good post, Thanks. you will succeed
HarveyBrown Premium
Nice one Shakem. Too many people believe the old axiom "build it they will come." Back in the days before mass communications, that may have been true, but today you have to provide something that will make them want to come, stay, return and buy (good content). If you spend the time on that the money will come.
JudeP Premium
Hey Shakem, at last - someone who understands that it's not all about the money! I've been saying that for ages. Yes we all need to earn but there is so much more to being here at WA than the money. I like to help others by inspiring them and motivating them as they carry on with their journey :)
shakem9 Premium
Our society has instilled in us that life is all about money - how much you have, spend or make. But what is money? Nothing more than a method used as way to control & divide. People actually worship this thing called money either by the lack of, the need of or the lust for more.