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June 12, 2020
What a crazy world we are living in these days.So many reasons and justifications for fear to take hold and keep you captive. I, being my Father's fulltime care taker, have a lot to be fearful of, and can easily be taken captive and frozen with fear. How can I keep him safe from the Corona Virus? Will I be able to care for him as he declines? Will I be able to provide all his needs in these crazy times? With all the anger, hate and destruction going on around us, can I keep him safe? All these
June 11, 2020
I am so excited to have accomplished my first level! It has been a rough road this last month. I have really been tested, but still strong and getting back at it!I want to thank WA for standing by me!Looking forward to moving on to phase 2.
May 08, 2020
Well, this is my first post, and I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. I never thought I could build a website, or BLOG! And yet, I have started one. I don't know if it is too broad, but I can check building a website off my bucketlist. :) I know I have a long way to go, but I feel very empowered with all the advise, tips and suggestions from the AMAZING people here at WA. I do not have a college education. I tried, but did not think I was smart enough. I loved American Litature, and writ