Posts that don't get indexed on Google

Last Update: December 06, 2018

So I was checking out my content and noticed there are a couple posts that have not gotten indexed on Google. Those that haven't were created months ago and posts after them have been indexed.

Has this happened to you? Is there a way to get google to look at it?

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EMYGrules Premium
Certainly there is. I recommend signing up for an account using Google Search Console if you haven't already. You should find your post in Google, go to Search Console, click fetch as Google, and then put in the url for the link you want indexed. To check if the link is indexed in Google, make sure to type this into the search engine search bar. site: Of course replace yourdomain with your domain name and press enter. This will allow you to see the posts that Google has indexed. Try resubmitting your sitemap after. It tells Google to look at youyr site again to make adjustments if it is different from last time.