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February 21, 2019
Well the time has come. I held off for as long as I could but it is time to close my account. I feel bad cause I was just starting to get at least 1 organic visitor a day. That doesn't sound like alot but to me that meant Google was trusting me more and people were finding me. Most of my traffic came from Pinterest. I was hoping that I would be making enough money to at least pay for my membership but I haven't made anything. I will try again when I have the financial means. I'm not giving up t
I checked some other 404 trainings and posts and they have not been so helpful as to how to find what google is talking about when they tell me I have a 404 Not Found. How do I find out what exactly they are referring to? The permalink after my website says attachment. I checked the only attachment on the page and it looks fine. How do I find what google is referring to? I alsotried a bunch of "bad host" but none say 404
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I have to downgrade my premium membership soon and it's been a little sad to know what I'll be losing. I'll still be woking on my site and I plan on upgrading back when it starts making money. But every time I open WA I find inspiration from everyone. Its nice to have that motivation to keep pressing forward. Thanks Everyone for your updates. I read them and appreciate them.
So I was checking out my content and noticed there are a couple posts that have not gotten indexed on Google. Those that haven't were created months ago and posts after them have been indexed.Has this happened to you? Is there a way to get google to look at it?
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November 09, 2018
I'm barely getting a drop of visitors to my site. Not even a close to a trickle. It's a little discouraging.I have a parenting site and I've realized that Pinterest is where it is at for sites like mine. But it is such a visual based site and my images just don't compare to all the others. I am trying to learn canva so I can try to create more visually pleasing posts but I don't understand how to use canva well. I have been trying every night to recreate posts with better visuals but I am just
October 31, 2018
A great six months it has been. I have met a lot of people and learned a ton. I love the community here and how willing to help people are. I also love all of the awesome training that has prepared me thus far. I love this place and plan to stay. thanks for making it a great six months.
October 30, 2018
3 to be exact. If anyone is planning on making a purchase through Amazon and wants to help me out to keep my account open please let me know. I can inbox you a link to one of my pages.Please. I have 30 days before they kick me off. Thank you in advance.
October 15, 2018
Do you ever think that Amazon isn't giving you credit?I asked my mother to use a link from my site to make her order for amazon. I needed a sale to keep the acount open. Well amazon shows that there were 2 items ordered through my site but it doesn't show that any were delivered and I didn't get credit for it. I know that she received her order already though.If you are currently getting commissions from Amazon, could you tell me how this works?
October 12, 2018
This feels so good. It's not the amount that counts but the feeling. I feel successful. It feels so good. I am a slow growing website. I have a ton of demands on my schedule but I put a little bit of time every day into my site. I was starting to think that it just wasn't going to happen for me. My husband and I put a limit on how long we would pay for the membership. If I wasn't successful then we would have to cancel because it is a strain on our budget. I am so happy to report that I made a
September 07, 2018
Any suggestions on where to get some help on learning how to change the margins on my post? I have too much space between the text body and the side of the page, it is cutting off my banners and making my sentences look longer. Tech support told me to get help from the theme creator and the theme creator says they don't help with anything and I need to pay for this service they recommend where someone can fix it.I REALLY want to fix it. The theme creator made me so upset that I was going to cha