Buying email lists?

Last Update: March 11, 2014

Wondering if anyone knows about or has used email lists to promote their WA promotion website. IT seems like a great way to reach a mass audience but how do you target specific emails, how do you avoid ended up in spam, etc?

Just curious about the specifics and the cost involved in taking such routes. Is ill be looking into it and if I have any success I may offer up some training type info if possible. Or it may be on here already! Haha

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SfRobert83 Premium
Good points on both accounts and great information, thank you! I think I will table this idea for a while if not indefinitely, haha
Wayne Wallace Premium
Probably not the best way but if you've got the money to sink into it you may get a 1% return with a really good email campaign.
archan Premium
This is a difficult one as your shooting in the dark, the owners prefer you not to send prospective Emails, as it looks bad if WA are on the spam list. You can join places where you buy traffic, but I personally don't know much about them.