All Inclusive Cruise Vacation-Where Everything Is Included In The Price

Last Update: December 12, 2017

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When you purchase an all-inclusive package, your airfare,,meals including drinksl, hotel stays and cruise excursions are all paid for This is standard with all cruise lines now. I will be explaining all the amenities you get when you book an all-inclusive cruise vacation package.


If you need airfare to get to the cruise, in an all-inclusive package, it is included in the rate of the cruise. I believe that would be a big money saver for you which is wonderful. That would be anywhere in the world to any cruise port. That also includes transportation from the airport to the cruise port.


The food on cruise ships is fabulous. Ranging from buffets to fine dining. Anybody can find what they are looking for. Included is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, the famous scrambled eggs buffet at midnight. AWESOME!! Not only that, but cruise ships have all different types of restaurants on the ship including Italian, Chinese, Steakhouses and Diners. Also, for you dessert enthusiasts, there are dessert bars with Frozen Yogurts and Ice Cream. All different types of gourmet cakes and tarts. For guests who like to drink, champagne, and wine tastings galore to suite any palette. So,since there are all different types of people, their is enough variety to please everyone,

Hotel Stays

There are occasions when a cruise sails into a particular island or destination, and an overnight hotel stay would be needed. When you have an all-inclusive package, that would be included in the rate. From Motels to Hotels to 5 star resorts, it is all there for you. Famous Hotel Chains would be, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott and Sheridan Hotels to name a few. And the food is also included/ Plus a lot of hotels have stores in them now to shop.


An excursion is one of the best part of a cruise. That is where you go sight seeing different places and get to know the culture of where you out. This is very satisfying if you like to experience another way of life.

According to, there are literally hundreds of different excursions one can take. The are 4 catagories of excusions

Adventure: An example of an adventure excursion would be wild river raft racing.and sky diving. A person must be in good physical health for this type of excursion.

Leisure; Leisure excursion would include sitting poolside and going to the beach when getting off the cruiseship. There are even leisure spa bookings.which are the ultimate for relaxation. These excursions are perfect for people who are just looking to relax.

Romance; For lover's who are looking for a romantic excursion when off the ship, these excursions can include a romantic candlelight dinner in a 5 star resort with champaigne, and all the romantic necessities a couple can think of. This type of excursion is highly recommended by me for honeymooners, wedding anniversaries and a romantic escape from everyday life.

Family; When you dock in port with your family, an excellent family excursion would be visiting a museum for the day or an aquarium where families can enjoy the day together before getting back on the ship. The possibilities are endless of things to do off ship. Let us say that you dock in New York City. You can tour the Statue of Liberty or Central Park and then take the Manhatten bus tour which is a vacationer's favorite.

All Inclusive Cruise Vacation- The Way To Go

An all-inclusive cruise you will get everything in the rate. What can be better than that. You get to go on a wonderful cruise, have your meals all paid for. Fly into where the cruise is sailing out of and overnight stays in hotels and excursions. And to have lifelong memories of your trip, make sure you bring your camera with you. Also, you can book an excursion by clicking here. . Happy cruising to you and I hope that you enjoyed this post. I welcome all comments

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