The Struggle Poem Work in Proress

Last Update: March 21, 2018

This is a poem I started working on in 2014. I never got around to completing. So this is the draft version and I'm posting incomplete, I call this version The Struggle Poem. It about lifes struggle and how when you try to change your ways, a force intervenes . Like I said, this is work in progress.

Webble Wobble; They Don't Fall Down

You may think you're down and out, but you'll not. You just hit a rough spot and came to a sudden stop.

You got to get back up and brush yourself off, by all means, that's the only way you're going to find your way to the top.

Remember this; Webbles Wobble, but they do flop. Stay with the business until your heads about to pop.

When you put your heart into something, there is nothing you can't accomplish. I'm living proof of that. Philippians 4:13 tells us someone got our back.

Now, that's a fact.

I have forces around who come to see me fall flat on my face; they want to take me out of the Internet race.

Once again, they say my writing a disgrace.

Watch it; they're after you also; protect your desires; put yourself in a better situation like a sheltered place.

They can't wait to watch me give up on my dreams and replace them with cries and screaming;

They can make you look like a basket case; like an addict who fiending.

The Struggle is Real and it all UP in your FACE!

These forces, they invade your mind, even kill your mood; Don't let them affect you over time or change your attitude.

It's like getting hit with a fist.
That's right; this struggle, it's as real as it gets.

When you're trying to improve your quality of life why does it always feel like someone or something is attacking, trying to block or stop your flight?
They got you in their sniper scope; Stay out of sight.

Why are they're trying to still (Y)our deal?
Is it to stop (Y)our progress?

Yes, people, this struggle is for real.
Why do we have to battle for a thrill?

It's like fighting a war for peace. You're left to bury your decease. Life's a war the struggle never cease.


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MarkBa Premium
Thanks for sharing your poem LeNard. Struggle is part of all our journeys to realize our greatness. :)
seconds2work Premium
I help keep us alert, thank for the comment
DebbieRose Premium
Your poem captures our struggles and encourages us to kero going. Terrific.
seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Debbie, I love to encourage others.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Well done LeNard, Don't let anyone or anything step on your dreams. We are all on the same path and can learn from one another.
Wishing you all the best.
seconds2work Premium
I got your back if you need a hand. Thank you for your comments
Wayne66 Premium
Good words and very real. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he never gives up. We shouldn't either. We won't.

We have great support here and many proofs that if we stick to it it will happen for us as well.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Moving Forward,
seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Wayne, Don't let anyone take your dreams
AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing your poem, LeNard, some real insights into the online journey, it is amazing but many of us got through the same phases, I guess remembering adds so much value.
seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Alex.

Someone once said to me to never look back.

I say if we never look back, how do we know where we been, or how we're going to get to where we're going.

Better yet, if we don't look back who are we leaving behind. Can't we help someone if we look back just long enough to grab their hand?