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June 15, 2017
Just recently I was reminded about events from the past. Not in a negative way. In fact, quite the opposite. It took me back to the time when I was just starting out in the world of teaching and training. The countless meetings and training sessions, designed to increase your skills and attitude.Now back then, I didn’t know much but I did know this: The people you need to talk to are the people that have already done what you want to do. I used to look around the room and identify the dif
March 28, 2017
PerdónameOk, so that´s the title of one of my favourite songs "Perdóname" or "forgive me" in English. It´s by Pablo Alblorán but if you do check it out on Youtube, have a look at the version Pablo Alborán and Carminho. It´s in Spanish and Portuguese and just beautiful.Anyway, back to the point... Perdóname. I´ve been kind of absent on here for a short while and I haven´t really contributed as much to the forums as I should have. N
March 17, 2017
Good morning all, Whether you join in the celebrations or not, have a great St Patrick´s day. I have a full day of classes but I will be heading into Madrid when i finish work. Yes, they even celebrate it here :) Enjoy
February 11, 2017
Just finished Bootcamp phase 4 and I feel I´m making progress with my skills. There´s along way to go in terms of generating traffic but I´m at least getting to grips with the basic mechanics of what to do. Thanks in large to the community here at WA.I´m going to spend the next couple of weeks beefing out the content on my site and working on adding some videos. I´ve just done a practice one but this will never be for public airing lol. If only I had a voice like B
January 28, 2017
After a tiring session of teaching English to my Japanese students on Skype this afternoon, I decided to play around with my site. Partly to get some practice and partly to give it my site some TLC.Having re-organised my menus, I got stuck with adding an profile image and brief text to the sidebar. After several frustrating attempts, I asked for help from the community.I went out to take a coffee and and get some fresh air and when I came back two people had posted quick solutions to my problem
January 21, 2017
Good evening all. I´ve just finished phase 3 of Bootcamp. I´m so happy with what I have learned so far at WA, even if at times, I do get a little confused. The support I have received from the WA community has been absolutely fantastic and your blog posts help to lighten up what is sometimes a long day in the classroom.As I have sarted to fill out my website with more content, it has started to look a little unorganised. Before moving on to phase 4, I think I will spend some time ch
January 15, 2017
There are numerous widely debated studies, theories and models on this topic, all with pros and cons. My aim is not to dissect them to find an “absolute”, but rather to identify the whys, wherefores and compounding benefits of regular responsive motivation versus spasmodic, knee jerk reaction based motivation.The workplace and home / life quality have changed dramatically since many of those theories were first written. Although certainly not all, the hierarchical structure has disa
Well my old friend, a year has come and gone since we first met. And what a difference you made to my life. I wasn´t sure how to take you at first because I knew you were keeping secrets. Hardly a good thing to do when you are just getting to know someone but now I understand your reasons my friend. It was all about timing! The funny thing is, as I said to your predecessor, I already knew. I was waiting for confirmation but the time needed to be right for you to reveal. Strange that altho
Hi all, I´ve just completed Phase 2 and I´m so happy with the learning experience here at WA. Thank you all for your support and especially to the people who have been kind enough to send me pm´s when I was getting a bit lost.Wishing you continued success.Sean
December 23, 2016
Wherever you are in the world and however you choose to say it.... have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Peace and love. Sean