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Last Update: October 24, 2015


I just came back home from a "Preview" Seminar.

Here is a key word.


Here's to years of not making it without a single sale.
Aside from being peeved by "coaches" pitching their custom money, lead generating program for sale in the thousands.
ps, i saw one, live making money over just two days; USD $6985 >sgd $9k +.

Main factor SEO, OPT IN, Leads,Converts!!

Hit me up in the comments, will update ya!


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rosieM Premium
I am always leery of summits...they usually only serve to line the sponsors' pockets! Listen to Kyle, he says it best.
Kyle Premium Plus
There are definitely lots of scams out there and now that you are a member of WA, you no longer ever have to seek out ANY help with SEO. Everything you need is here and you are going to learn the proper way to optimize your website and to obtain search rankings within any niche. :)

So many SEO coaches and companies out there scamming folks with old "techniques" that simply don't work.
seacsub Premium
ago True Kyle and thanks for the prompt comment.
I'm peeved as to how easy it seemed to stare at the digits shone "live" on their system.

It's kinda hard to do I.M alone, a mentor in person would be great.
FYI, it was Asian Internet summit