Keywords defining

Last Update: December 01, 2014

Over the years, as I took Internet marketing for granted and of what I've learnt and skipped.

Keyword research is and has always been a game changer.

My question is, how can I determine the best solutions or number of searches as it has always been a numbers game.

The top few keywords are always unrefined searches, whereas what comes after contains phrases that don't have a lot of hits.

Before I go mad again can someone advise me?

Other than always changing the keywords list.



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Labman Premium Plus
Jaaxy will provide the information that you are looking for.

Yes they constantly change but trends continue.
seacsub Premium
That I agree, what about free tools other than and the keyword toll here that are reliable?
Labman Premium Plus
Haven't found any that are nearly as good and even the previously free tools are now charging.
seacsub Premium
Nuts, guess I'll just continue looking. Thanks