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Last Update: August 07, 2015

Can you search specific topics here in Activity for comments and questions ?

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scottyb2good Premium Plus
Thanks Kat ! Hey, long time. Been plugging away at my BootCamp since June. Drifted from my DJ site but getting a few more calls than usual from the work I did. Need to change its theme to include a comments section and use my paid Jaaxy for more keywords. This may help me in the SEO ranks. It has tons of internal links and an external link to Go there. I am under Scottyb dj entertainment. Hey, we out. Hope your doing good...........Scotty B
TheCatherine Premium Plus
hi Scotty, Yes you can but you don't start your search in activity. Go to the general search bar above and type in your query such as public domain images. The drop-down menu will show you first the trainings tied with this keyword, but underneath this there is a section of questions. I'm not sure how far back these questions go but I have illustrated it in the image below for anybody who does not think these instructions are clear.
Hope you are well Scotty long time no see