My first 6 weeks

Last Update: May 25, 2016

To start with its been great, Ive learned so much already and have no regrets in joining WA, but one. I wish I knew about WA 3 years ago. I started my first website 3 years ago and was totaly lost in the process with no resources to help me. My website lacked content and suffered for it. Not being a writer at all and having no inspiration to write. I didn't connect with the need to add content. I thought people would visit my site to see my paintings not read posts. Well being here at WA has opened my eyes to the importance of content. Not only opened my eyes but gave me the encouragement and inspiration I so desperately needed. Im so thankful and appreciative of the kind and helpful writers in the WA community and to all for your support. Being able to write is my biggest achievement so far. Looking forward to learning more and be successful.

Wish you all much success !!

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JudeP Premium
This is a fab community :)
sjenkinsjr Premium
I to wish I found WA a couple of years ago, when I was a security guard and was allowed to use the internet on my down time!
Ecowarrior Premium
Great progress and I wish you continued enjoyment and success!
Regards, Lisa
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thank you for sharing.

All the best!

MPollock Premium
To your success.
Have a great weekend.