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I own guns, don't have a problem with background checks, but don't think it was good legislation. Wouldn't address the issue, but it would let everybody breathe a sigh of relief and say with self-satisfaction, "Yep, we fixed that" Then nothing REAL would get done.Guns aren't the problem, violence is the problem. Criminals aren't concerned about obtaining guns legally. Trying to solve gun violence with background checks is like fighting drunk driving by making it harder for so
Last night (April 12, 2013) I attended Jay's masterful WAbinar "Ultimate Marketing with Video and Audio".Anyone attending will remember the search term "how to develop your own iphone app"I just Googled that term and found page after page of results like this: is a television station in central North Carolina. Am I getting different results than Jay because I am also in NC and so Google thinks this is relevant to me? How did MakeGamesWithUs get that meta description inserted i
Hey everybody,I just ran across this article on Slate about the possibility of charging senders to have email reach your inbox. think the technology exists, or will. Don't know how commonly used it would be.Think about it. Would you spend 5 bucks, 10 bucks a month to manage email and avoid unwanted solicitations. Or charge advertisers to put their ad in your inbox?And, of course, think of the ramifications for email marketing. Although, recipients do have to opt in.I thin
January 07, 2013
The late Zig Ziglar told the story of being on an airplane returning to the United states from a foreign land. A child of about 3 came onto the plane, looked down the long aisle of the jumbo jet, and exclaimed, "Wow!"Zig went on to relate that attitude of WOW to why so many people from foreign lands come to the U.S. and create wealth and success in business. Because the United States offers incredible opportunity to anyone, from any background, any nationality, even any educational level. All it
Perennial contender for Worst Company in America - PayPal - has quietly (I didn't use the word sneaky) changed their terms of service in the event of a dispute. Binding arbitration is required, and the new agreement goes on to specifically ban users from joining in any class action litigation.Arbitration may be a useful and appropriate way to resolve a dispute, but I don't like restrictions being placed on my right to litigate.Direct from the updated Paypal TOS agreement: Prohibition of
I am struggling with a submission to Street Articles. I have searched the SA site as well as WA and can't find ANY reference to explain what I THINK would be a fairly common process.On Wednesday I submitted an article to SA. I included an image from Free Digital TOS require a simple acknowledgement or rather an attribution. I spent an hour searching the SA site for information on doing this.First, anything entered into the on site search, searches other articles. I can't
September 12, 2012
I just logged into my Adsense account and much to my surprise I have EARNINGS! Yay! I don't check the account often because I haven't been ranking. One site climbed to #15 on Google, stayed for 10 days, then dropped completely off the radar. Another site has been up and down, but never above #100. It's about #40 on both Bing and Yahoo. I never expected any visits or click-throughs. So when I saw earnings I about fell over onto the floor.It's not much - just $1.52. But, it is a st