First steps

Last Update: March 07, 2014

Upgraded to premium yesterday! Hopefully I'm ready for this.

I've spent the last few years at home watching tv, playing (and researching) on my iPad. My only real mission each day was to make sure I made it to any medical appointments, had dinner ready and played chauffeur to any of the kids after school. This is going to have to change - make a schedule of things to be done each day or week and make sure they get done.

This looks like a great community and it is comforting to know help is only a post away.

Time for another lesson before lunch.

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jespinola Premium
Hey Scott,

You did a great choice and congratulations!

Well good to know you changed your mind. Just keep focused and any questions let us know. :)
ChristineRa Premium
Wishing you all the best. WA is a great community. Reach out to members if you get stuck anywhere along the way. Christine
yourbrother Premium
Good luck Scott!