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June 03, 2014
As a few of you may have seen, today's my last day here (for now). Health conditions are making it hard to concentrate and get any meaningful work done. I'm now in the top 10 for a transplant, so hopefully life will get back onto some kind of even keel after 4 years of living in limbo. Does anyone recommend another host I can park my site on for a while? Have lots of ideas for my site, some of which I've added, but a lot of it is still in note form on the floor next to me! As someone more famo
I was playing around with yesterday and found a lot of products for my niche which I hadn't heard of. They were mostly in the UK. This got me to thinking about different google results depending on the country. I had my sister do a search in Australia while I did the same search in Canada. They were mostly the same, just a few different results and ordering. How would this affect what to include in the site, product suggestions, affiliates etc. just concentrate on the north Ameri
I read an interesting article last night written by Lynda Goldman about the importance of personalizing your about me, home, and contact me pages and highlighting how they are not really about you, but how they provide a human face to our site and how it will help the customer.
March 13, 2014
Niche - selected Storefront - done Domain - bought Shelving - up Stock - still to arrive I think I may own a business - opening date TBA
March 07, 2014
Upgraded to premium yesterday! Hopefully I'm ready for this. I've spent the last few years at home watching tv, playing (and researching) on my iPad. My only real mission each day was to make sure I made it to any medical appointments, had dinner ready and played chauffeur to any of the kids after school. This is going to have to change - make a schedule of things to be done each day or week and make sure they get done. This looks like a great community and it is comforting to know help is onl