Re-Indexed by Google - What?!?!

Last Update: April 08, 2019

It's funny how a person's interests change after they become a Premium member and create their own website (s).

A year ago I never would have given a second glance when reading a news headline that included the words "SEO", "Content", "Site Map" or "Indexed".

Mind you, my website is still young and doesn't receive much traffic but I still like to keep up with what traffic I do have and be aware of if and when a new page becomes indexed and I'm all about keeping up with the latest happenings in Google-Land.

However, reading the following headline this morning did more than cause a casual click and scroll of another SEO related article. Instead, it immediately jolted me awake and put me into research mode a bit quicker than normal for a Monday morning.

"Google Still Working On Reindexing Pages That Dropped Out Of The Index From Thursday"

Has anyone else read this?

Has anyone noticed a drop in traffic or other unexpected or undesirable effects since last Thursday?

So far, Google isn't sharing a ton of information however, here is a link to the article (and comments) that you may find interesting.

I don't feel this has had a negative effect on my site but those of you who have been affected and have noticed a significant drop in traffic let's hope this gets fixed quickly!

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NWTDennis Premium
Mr. Goo probably tweaked a few algorithm's. It may take a bit for the update to settle.

Did you page ranks change? Just keep posting quality content.
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
I’ve not noticed any difference but my site is young and I haven’t been adding content as often as I should.
I guess no matter how big and successful a company gets there’s still lessons to be learned!
All we can do is hang on for the ride.

SAWalden Premium
Hi KyleAnn!

Sure anything can go wrong at any time but what I'm most curious about is why this happened.
It appears the issue was resolved sometime yesterday (4/10/19) but still no word on why it happened in the first place :-)
PaulWatson Premium
Live by the sword - die by the sword... the sad fact about this awesome amazing fantastic industry we find ourselves in is that we are still at the whim of the big companies.
SAWalden Premium
Google...we can't always live with them but at the same time, we can't live without them!
accad Premium
Everywhere confusion exists Google is not exempted.
SAWalden Premium
So true yet I tend to hold a company like Google to a higher standard. After all, between Google, Facebook Amazon, et al, they possess and control pretty much ALL our information and ability to earn a living online!
FKelso Premium
Thanks for sharing.
SAWalden Premium
You're welcome! Looks like as of yesterday all de-indexed pages have been re-indexed!