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Last Update: October 17, 2016

Hello to all of my WA Friends.

l know to many of you I look like a new Premium member, but in actuality, I have been a premium member for more than 1 year but accidently let my membership lapse.

I've been away from WA for a number of months as I got involved in some other activities and you can't do everything. I will admit I did get discouraged as I was not getting a lot of viewing on my websites which also means little or no revenue. Many of you engage your family and friends to help promote your websites and WA. I have always had a different feeling about doing this. I remember being annoyed by the Sprint push for Friends and Family years ago. I was not happy being asked to change my cell carrier by members of my family. As you can imagine, I did not make a change.

My feeling has been, if I can make a success on the internet, I would then be happy to share what I know and learned with my friends and family, especially with those who I know could use extra income. Until I know something works and can be useful I do not wish to annoy them.

I am really back at WA to continue running my websites. The one I really care about is my website on Golf, I'm an Amateur Golfer ( This way I can write my blogs whenever the mood hits me.

Today, at this time, I am in the mood and so I am sitting in my backyard, writing this blog.

I enjoy writing and this is one way I relax, backyard, cigar and usually a scotch. I have some ideas for my Golf website and that is where my efforts will be.

Please don't take offense if I do not answer some of your posts but I do not check my email for WA on a regular basis.

I wish all of you all the best.

Good blogging and may you find the success you are looking for.


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Debs3 Premium
Happy you are back, Saul. Have a great week!
MNorton Premium
Hi Saul,
Glad to see you're back. I hope everything is going well for you. Have a good evening.
MPollock Premium
Nice, have a great week