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Last Update: November 04, 2016

Do you want that silver bullet to help write articles? Here it is:

Answer the Public

So here you are reading through all the articles at WA, looking for a "gold nugget" to help you write that article or find the hidden diamond of a niche.

Today I would like to share a little secret that I use to help me identify a "possible" niche. I also use this to write articles. Yes - I use it for both.

Using this tool. I recently discovered a couple of possible niches. I have started building out one of them. I am deciding if I want to play with the other - more to sell it than anything. FYI - the one I am considering has 7 possible keyword phrases at 2500+ and all under 250 QSI. The domain I am considering has 2868 monthly searches and a QSR of 74.

Let's start with what this tool does: (paraphrased from their site)

We all know that the auto suggest results provided by Google and Bing are a goldmine of insights to the public. As you type you are presented with a condensed view of the searches performed by the public. These searches are a hint of the motivations and the emotions of the people behind each search query. It is perhaps one of the best but most under utilized sources of research for content ideas.

There are some alternative keyword research tools that you can use. You can try or Both of these automate the gathering of suggestions by appending every letter of the alphabet to a keyword you enter.

However, they only scratch the surface of the insight that is possible by using this method. By appending a search term with words like "for" or "with" gives a much richer starting point for content ideas. The more you play with adding different words the more interesting the insight. It feels a bit like mind-reading.

The problem is that the task of capturing all the answers becomes a challenge. There is a need to automate the gathering of questions and create something that can be easily shared. This search insight could then be used for creative content and SEO.

My Example - Affiliate Marketing

Here are some screen shots of the sample I did for this blog. I did a search on the term "Affiliate Marketing". And here are the results by section.

The Questions

The first area gives a visualization of the questions asked. With our term, there are 77 questions identified. I don't know about you, but if I have 77 questions, I think I can write an article or two addressing those identified questions. Look at the visualization below.

How about some further help. Lets take the question "HOW"

Lets see - I would try a title of The How Of Affiliate Marketing

Per Jaaxy - that shows 12351 avg traffic with a QSR of 8. A decent article might get a little traffic. (And yes, I am doing this on the fly as I write this article - so excuse the typos)

And I also see several good headers, so I feel an article of 1200 to 1800 words is possible here with several "secondary" keywords easily added for traffic.

By the way - this can even be done as a tree.

The Prepositions

Aah yes - those prepositions. You know - words that describe a relationship between other words in a sentence.

Whats it show here? Take a look.

Again - A few good ideas for those articles - or to help find a niche.

And Then There Is The Alphabet

Lastly, there is the information from the alphabet. There is no pretty visualization her - Just the data. Take a look. (Note That I did not screen shot it all - just thru the letter "h" so you would get an Idea of what we have)

There is an obvious wealth of information here to draw from.

And best part - it's another free tool. (Yes - I Love free tools). Yes you can have this wonderful "silver bullet" by just going to Answer the Public dot com.

That is it. provides this information for you - for free. And its done to the selected country in their drop down list.

Give it a try. Then let me know your thoughts. Better yet - share with us what you do with it.

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RikaSF Premium
Thanks for sharing Scott. I use this tool and it is very useful to get great ideas :)
JoyNelson Premium
Incredibly informative, thanks so much for sharing! -Joy