Used Buffer to schedule a post

Last Update: September 13, 2016

After viewing the recent training on using Buffer, I finally scheduled my first share with it. It worked great with Facebook though it didn't work that well with LinkedIn.

I tried to link with Instagram but I couldn't remember my passwords from my computer to get it on my phone! Guess that is lesson number two - either write the passwords down somewhere or use the same one everywhere.

Buffer has several levels of membership but I am not ready to commit to their Awesome level yet, about $100 a year. Would love to hear from anyone that has the premium package with it and if they found it useful. I think it would be a great time saver to spread the message across various social media platforms but I need to make some money to pay for it first. I have already expensed what I could before making money with getting the premium and the upgraded domains.

The blog I shared was about shoes for kids with disabilities. I didn't know that Nike had created a really cool shoe that uses a zipper type thing instead of laces, and is wicked cool. No more velcro for those teenagers that can't handle shoe laces. It was fun to do the research for it.

Anyway, Buffer was fun. I will use it again.


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Bea40 Premium
I was reading about it yesterday, seems good, need to investigate a bit more..
MKearns Premium
This is the second post I have gotten about buffer. Must investigate!
sasplund Premium
It is a bit confusing at first but I think it will be a great time saver in the long run.
AnneTaylor Premium
Great post, thank you.
rosieM Premium
I only use the free version works quite well.
bigrog44 Premium