International Kissing Day

Last Update: July 06, 2020

International kissing day was established in 2006 in the UK, celebration taken place in various part of the world, kissing has played important role in social bonding, in our culture, and society.

Research has showed that kiss transcend cultures and norms, everybody want to be loved and deserve a kiss, perhaps this can help to unite and make the world a better place

Kissing has lots of benefits for the health of your relationship and deepens the love between two people, the role of kissing in family young children frequently get kisses from their parents, though that tends to fade away as children gets older.

International kissing day is celebrated by both those who have lovers and those without lovers; the events might also help to unite singles that are looking forward to having a relationship.

As you celebrate the international kissing day, remember that it is a sign of affection that remind your love one’s and people around you that you care.

How to Celebrates

Wake up in the morning and a quick good morning kiss to your partner

A quick kiss on the cheek to your friends or it could be a kiss on the back of the hands of friends.

There are different ways to celebrate and deliver a kiss to those you care about respectfully, as we celebrate let’s not forget those with health challenges, perhaps the event might help to throw more light on their plight.

The Overall message of Today

Move out of your comfort zone and help spread love to the world, this mean’s move away from the lips and choose other options like side cheek, slab on the back of the hand, or for a forehead kiss.

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saruth Premium
You are completely right there is no problem with families, but with friends slab on the back of the hand may do the job. DianeK59
DianeK59 Premium Plus
We are a community that has always greeted with a handshake. Many of my friends and I hug to greet one another. The pandemic has caused a change in that. I'm not ready for an elbow bump or ankle touch (they just seem silly to me) but I'm kind of looking at the Asian custom of a simple bow or nod.
Times, they are a changing...
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Family might benefit, but do you think the Covid19 pandemic will have an effect on the day?