89 YouTube views in 2.5 hours!

Last Update: Nov 1, 2016


Wow! I'm not sure how else to start this post...

It's been quite a while since I've been active here at WA, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been continuing to learn from you all and what you have shared with the rest of the us.

Wealthy Affiliate is my go-to site whenever I have a question regarding anything website/blog related and I'm so thankful to be a part of this incredible community.

In the last few years, I've fallen head over heels with CrossFit and have become fairly active in the fitness realm. As someone who used to be that girl sitting on the sidelines of PE and didn't go to camp because she hated sports, it's amazing to see how much I've changed in the last 3 years.

Coming from the orthodox Jewish community, over this time I've realized how far fitness has fallen on the list of priorities for busy high school girls, college students, wives and moms. And I knew I needed to change that.

So, I'm currently working on opening an all women's CrossFit box in my community. It'll be open to all women, but I will be marketing to Jewish women in particular, with a focus on orthodox women.

A couple months ago, while posting a live FB video (which is so much fun to do!), a guy in my community commented, "you should be the frum [orthodox] Jillian Michael." I laughed and appreciated that he thought that highly of me.

Please note I weigh 175 lbs and am still considered obese by medical standards. But I've learned a lot over the last couple years, and he recognized that.

Until that point I had never considered that there really isn't any Jewish, orthodox female who represents a healthy lifestyle and offers tips and guidance for a specific audience that struggles with culture-specific idiosyncrasies. (Think holiday after holiday, an emphasis on food, weekly Shabbat dinners and lunches, hectic lives, many children, full time jobs with husbands who learn as a career, etc.)

And so I decided I am going to be that person. I want to fill that need.

I've brainstormed over the last few weeks and finally published my website (still a work in progress, but I've learned not to wait for perfection) and posted my first blog post yesterday. I checked today and there are 32 FB shares!

(Actually, I didn't even notice that... I am helping my friend build her website overseas - we are on a 6 month challenge to build our businesses - and I was referencing my website to explain something to her about hers, and her husband noticed the share counter!)

2.5 hours ago I uploaded my first workout video - modestly clothed...in a dress! - the first of its kind as far as I'm away and shared it a couple times on FB. As of now there are 89 views and counting...

I'm overwhelmed. I'm nervous. I have no idea what to expect moving forward. But more than anything, I'm excited and looking forward to an amazing journey.

And yes, I owe it all to WA. It may have taken 4 years and multiple niches to have discovered my true passion, but I know in my gut that this one is here to stay!

Recent Comments


That is great!!

You doing so well, great to hear that :)

Congratulations! Sounding like a definite path to success....I am happy for you and bet you will attract MANY women who 'dress modestly'....one of the biggest reasons they don't go to gyms, etc....even clothing stores seem to relish in clothing that adheres to the body or flashes skin everywhere...hahaha....for many women, either through age or personal reasons, this just 'feel' appropriate.

Thanks! I certainly hope so :)

I'm thinking about sending the video to the company that made the dress I worked out in... Great advertisement for them!

I would at least send an email saying you have a video and maybe only send a short clip or 'taste' of it.....then make them pay or something to use it. It's definitely worth a good try, but don't give them all the goodies......good luck!

Not a bad idea ;)

Way to go!

Thank you for sharing !


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