The Sky is the Limit - Not Really!

Last Update: March 10, 2019

Why did I say the sky is the limit, then said not really! Because I don't like that expression the sky is not the limit, we know now that we can go past the sky. Past the sky, is a vast area that we can assume goes on forever. So to those regards, the better expression to use is "There is no limit!"

So my thought for today is to inspire everyone and myself to not limit yourself. You have no limit. The potential at Wealthy Affiliate to keep growing indefinately is definately there. You don't have to chain yourself down thinking you are going to stop once you reach a certain level. Keep going full speed ahead. Incorporate the betterment of everyone online into your business, and keep your legacy going indefinitately.

This is my plan. No limits full speed ahead.. Be Blessed Everyone!

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sara, well said, we can be the ones that create limits for ourselves, so better to just go for it.

Best wishes as you start creating your new outcomes.