Succeeding Even When You Do The Wrong Thing

Last Update: March 24, 2019

When You Do The Right Thing With the Wrong Reason

Anyone who has been to my page knows I follow the teachings of Sadhguru very closely. He often tells the story of why he went into Yoga in the first place. When he was a child their game was to fall in a well and see who can climb out the fastest with only their hands, and this older gentleman was watching them one day and demonstrated he could do it better than of those younger people. Thus, making Sadhguru curious about how and to learn how to do it himself. The old man then started teaching Sadhguru how to do Yoga.

After all of that and years of Yoga, Sadhguru is now a Yogi and is changing lives all over the world. He says even though he wanted to learn for all of the wrong reasons, it was still the right things to do.

Why am I telling this story?

I discovered today, that I've been doing the wrong training class. Apparently, when i first signed up three weeks ago I was checking out both classes and the last one I was on was for the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate training which I'm doing my own niche. Yes, it took me three weeks to figure out I was on the wrong one.

I thought to myself why do they keep telling me to post about Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy on my Blog, My Blog is about having a Blissed Mind. But, I thought well this is part of my training and I promised myself I will do this training and not do my own thing so I will go with it.

I incorporated how Wealthy Affiliate was the way that was making my website possible. How it was my path of a Financial Blissfullness and how it all holds hands. I admit, it was a bit challenging tying it all together to where I wouldn't be driving my traffic away in horror, but I think I did it.

So, nevertheless blindly I was doing the Affiliate training, but I was doing gunghole.

My Progress in 3 Short Weeks

My website and 5 of my posts are already indexed. Which I think is incredibly awesome at this point. I just finished Phase 3 on the Affiliate training (I skipped a few of the days off). Now, I'm going to start on the Entrenepaur side of the Training (after all I'm in a 20 day take off from training time)

I try to make a new post every day, and I'm getting more and more traffic every day. I can't tell Wealthy Affiliate how much I appreciate this training

So I Did The Wrong Thing, But It Was the Right Thing To Do

I'm not saying everyone should do what I did. After all, it was kind of a dingy mistake on my part. But, I can say it was a successful thing for me to do and I am glad I did it. I am glad I blundered and did it this way. Even more than that, I am so glad I am in this program that I can be proud of putting on my site.

Thank you everyone! Be Blissfully Blessed.

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Eliz65 Premium
Hi Sara, it can be confusing in the beginning. Once you get re-oriented follow the training. Kyle and Carson have set up a great program here on WA!
Welcomed and best of luck!
SaraStorey Premium
LOL I was following the training that's the funny part just the wrong one LOL... It's all good, and it just shows how good the training is here.