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December 26, 2015
Hi All, At this time of the year, many of us make New Year's Resolutions! Give up SmokingStart Keeping FitLose WeightStop Drinking so much Etc etc etcHowever, as we know, we often find ourselves giving up only halfway through January. That is because we tend to forget to have a strategy around our goals. Our goals need to be based on something that is bigger than us! A few months ago, I wrote a blog about creating an impelling vision and creating goals that filter into that vision. That vis
December 26, 2015
Hi All,First of all....Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you have enjoyed time with your family over the festive season! In Dubai, today is return to work day (yes, we work on Sundays but have Fridays off!). I have been really quiet recently and have seen my WA rank dive as a result! However, I am still working quietly on my website! In fact, I have been busy writing my e-book which I am hoping to publish in early Jan! And much of it is thanks to the great answers you have given to
Hi All,I am conscious that my life has gotten a bit "busy" again and I haven't focused as well as I would like on my WA family. It's easy to lose momentum when I haven't got around to monetising my site yet (naughty!) - and other work that is paid (and some that isn't but I give into people too easily) takes my focus away. It was my dad that pulled me back on track this time. He started suggesting all sorts of ways that the site could make money - some good but would take a lot of effort and t
September 01, 2015
I've been a little stalled. I found I have been giving to so many things that I have been working really hard but haven't been completing any of the many things I need to be involved in.My business partner on the coaching side has told me to get other people to do those things that I don't need to do myself... I haven't been doing that, because.... well, I don't know why actually, but I was resisting! Then today, on the website side of things I made a decision. I hadn't managed to write a pos
August 20, 2015
I read a blog the other day about making sure that you have a space that you can call your workspace... and only using that as a workspace. For me, at the moment, it's just not possible in our house. I have a daughter who is 14 months and if she knows I am in the house, she wants me rather than the babysitter/caregiver! So instead of working in my office which is downstairs and being disrupted, I tend to work in our bedroom... definitely not ideal but that should change once my daughter goes
So, let's start with the WA/website related good stuff:1) I have been asked to write a monthly article for a parenting magazine within the region (local to UAE) - will include backlinks. Still not 100% confirmed - and it's not a paid gig but I believe it will "pay" in its own way!! Onto the personal:1) I might have a 12-month project which will be three days work per month but should help keep the wolves from the door. Also, my husband is close to securing a new job. Once again, these are both n
Hi All,Hope you are having a great day! As you know, I live in the UAE (Dubai, to be specific!) My niche, as you probably also know, is the internet safety market for parents. I am a member of quite a few mum's groups over here, both physically and also on Facebook. I know my market here in the UAE and I probably would get some support here. I could also see some offline activities i.e. building a course that might even be presented in the schools, that would only work here because it's my physi
Hi All,I realise I haven't been in touch that much for the past couple of weeks - somehow I am still ranked in the Top 100 and while I am not focussed on the numbers, I would hate to think that I was giving less value to others. Time has been quite short, however. I have soooooo many things I still want to do with my site - and I am only really managing to write one blog on my website a week. If something comes up and I need to spend time on other things on my site, I end up not doing that bl
August 02, 2015
Hi All,I am looking for some more followers on my social media accounts. If you are interested in the parenting topic and particularly, interested in reading more about internet safety issues for you and your kids, please add me on the following social media accounts AND I will return the favour! Not only that, if you see another person who answers and you like the sound of their product, go ahead and add them too! Let's help each other out a bit! Facebook:
(or so it seems to me!).... I have now hit the Top 100! I know that when I was new here and in the top million users on WA (!!!) that I used to be very impressed when I followed or was followed back by someone in the Top 200, Top 100 or (Wow! Imagine that!!) the Top 50 - and I couldn't imagine that Ambassadors would want to follow me!However, then I found that they were all willing to follow me, to share their experience and to add value to the community! It is these people at the very top of