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Last Update: June 22, 2015

Well, needless to say that I am a little overwhelmed but I'm getting there. I have two websites (please feel free to take a look and comment if you wish, the links are in my profile page).

One was my original small business which was hosted somewhere else, and had started it well before I came to WA, but I created a new site and now it's hosted at WA. Yay. Hopefully along with the training I can get it out there as it was kind of hard to find my website before. I did start another website which was related to my small business but it was too broad a niche so I stopped working on it....for now.

My other website (which my husband doesn't know about is hopefully going to me a cracker as its about his faults. No unfollowing me or sending me nasty messages yet guys. It's not about man bashing it's just about the things my husband does that I would like to vent about and get other women (and men as well if they wish) to hopefully vent also. Venting is a good thing. Keeping things inside only makes things worse I say. Anyway, I hope that I can improve my writing skills as I move along. Hopefully with one post a week on both sites to start of with.

Also, I am in the process of dabbling with my pinterest:


google +:

sites as well. Not being very social site savvy it has been quite difficult to know what I'm doing with them but I'm sure I will get better as I move through more training.

That's about where I'm at.

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geo2112 Premium
Well done Sandra you're doing fantastic. Great stuff:-)
All the best

Hippychick Premium
Ah yes, procrastination my old friend.....well it used to be lol

I've read your post about your hubby. Its both funny AND true. They're all the same, I think. I've put a comment on there as well as it reminded me of a conversation we had some time ago.

Sandra you're doing great. Worrying whether or not someone will read your stuff is same for us all when we first start. We're programmed to really need to be valued. Your site will definately appeal to alot of ladies and the men can learn from it too.

Keep up the good work :)
Christabelle Premium
Congratulations on such wonderful progress!
MsalichumaG Premium
Keep going my dear the sky is limit here at WA!!!
RetiredGuy Premium
Your making great progress. You'll be successful just keep on track.
SandraParm Premium
Thanks. I've just finished adding google analytics and sitemaps. I skipped ahead a little in the training so that I could update my small business website and hopefully get more traffic. I'll just keep plugging away.