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March 27, 2018
Today I made the decision to switch to yearly membership, and that's for several reasons.1) It's much cheaper than monthly membership and works out at less than $1 a day2) There is so much training available on WA and so many resources that - especially as a newbie - you will need that time to utlize all the material3) It takes time to build your niche and to get the right sort of exposure4) You are part of an amazing community where people help each other5) It helps you stay focused and on you
When I joined WA about 4 weeks ago, my expectation was to learn a bit about affiliate marketing. I hoped to find some useful information to build on. However, going through Course 1 of the Certification, I was amazed how much structured information I was presented and how quickly you could complete the tasks doing something you had never done before. So there was far more progress than expected. But this set a new expectation, that you might be able to whizz through the tasks of each course j
I have just completed level 1 training and I can say I have been really impressed with the training so far. Everything is well structured and explained and often supported by a video that even I can understand it. And I also appreciate the option of asking questions and getting help from the community - everybody is so supportive here. I have to say, I'm really excited about what's coming next.
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February 28, 2018
Just upgraded to Premium membership as there are so many interesting and useful tools included. The only worry is, I might get lost in the information jungle, but hopefully I'll always find my way again. Look forward to the learning journey.
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