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Ever wonder why it seems tough to start down a long difficult journey by yourself? Why does it seem so much easier when you have friends to cheer you on or stay with you during rough spots? Canadian Geese have one up on us humans in this area, and we could learn a lot from them and their amazing concepts of teamwork!When geese migrate or travel any long difficult journey, they fly in a V formation. This helps them in many aspects. Each goose flies slightly above the one behind them, and creates
February 19, 2013
We all have them. The co worker that always thinks he's right. The neighbor that plays loud annoying music at 3 am and prefers his pet goes in your yard not his own! Relatives often fall into this category. Uncle George and Aunt Martha refuse to come for Christmas dinner unless it is totally Vegan, and always show up an hour late! I have come to the conclusion that there is no escaping them! So, what are you gonna do? I have mapped out three strategies on how to deal with those you would rat
Most of us think of Valentine's Day as way to show our friends and loved ones just how special they are to us. Knowing that someone, somewhere cares about us warms our heart and makes us smile. Hmmmm- This is a lovely thought, but just for a moment, let's look at the idea of LOVE in a fresh new way:What if your rude co-worker, grumpy neighbor or even a stranger could feel cared about today? It does not take much effort to share the spirit of love! Perhaps that genuine compliment, kind wo
I consider myself a very independent woman. As a Single Mom, I pride myself in figuring how to do things on my own. I design and make a line of jewelry, yet have never had a lesson in how to do so. I have been told I am a great cook, but never follow a recipe. It's much more fun to channel my inner "experimental free spirit cook" and see what happens! Friends rave about the yummy food, yet no one gets poisoned, I have rarely been disappointed with the results:) OK, so there are some things
The hackers are at it again! In the last few days, several huge sites have been infiltrated and data including usernames and passwords have been compromised. The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Twitter have all fallen victim to Cyber Crime. Hackers have also been responsible for attacking several large banking institutions in the US, including US Bank, Wells Fargo and Bank Of America. Even the State Of California website has experienced this intrusion! Most of us do not have their
I love working out, but, It was not always that way. When I first joined the gym several years ago, I would just come in and log my 4 miles on the treadmill and go home. Game Over! I never had the guts to venture into trying something new. I followed the unspoken gym rules: Women used the stationary bikes or went to Zumba Class, and the guys got to use the Weight Room, Resistance Training and TRX equipment. I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by all this, and frankly just plain scared to try s
Hi Guys,Newcomber's are often wary of something that sounds too good to be true, and ask me " Is Wealthy Affiliates the real deal?". I have to smile as I write back to them with my answer. Not only is WA for real, but it goes a step further! It is what I call "The Full Meal Deal". Where else can a one get amazing training, two free websites, awesome technical supports, videos AND the chance to network and meet new friends from all over the world?......... All for free.Now, you must admit tha
January 21, 2013
Happy Monday WA!Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, a day set aside to honor his legacy of Non-Violence and reflect on the freedom and rights we enjoy. It has also become known as a National Day Of Service in which we commemorate his life by volunteering and giving back to our communities. What a great way to show the world that we care not only for our own, but for those we have never met!Volunteering is a always a win/win situation, others benefit by our help, and we better ourselve
Her name was Yung Ha Lee. She was born in Korea with severe facial deformities due to a Cleft Lip and Palate. Her birthparents did not the have the means to pay for corrective surgeries and could not deal with societal taboos that a child like this would raise in their village. The girl was placed for adoption and found a family in the US.Yung Ha literally translated from Korean means "Summer Glory", and how appropos for a child born in August! Her young life soon changed for the better, as Mom
Greetings WA Nation!As many of you know, I have been sicker than a dog lately. I have been "blessed" with a cough, runny nose, and extreme fatigue since Thanksgiving. Misery loves company, and I have seem to have plenty! We are in the start of the Cold and Flu Season. The Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta have issued warnings that this year's season could be a very severe one. Over 40 states in the US have reported widespread Flu activity, especially on the East Coast. I work on the fro