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Last Update: April 15, 2020

So, I transferred my old website to WA to have everything all under one roof.

The website got indexed in a matter of days without me doing anything which I can understand as it's full of the content I transferred too.

BUT... when I checked my site health for it, it automatically increased, again without me doing anything to it.

Seems a bit fishy and makes me think WA automatically improves them to push us to do better, which is good in a sense but still a bit like false advertising almost.

What's your opinion?

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MelWaller Premium
There is so much under the hood here at WA, that we should see improvements over other hosting sites.

pbarrientos Premium
Hi there

I can tell you about my experience a little bit similar to yours.

I create a new blog in WA and restore a backup from another hosting provider. I mean, my website was already indexed and maybe that's why it took a short period of time to be reflected in WA.

What I loved the most were three things:
- checking speed in Google gave me 98/99 on average for my blog posts (in the previous hosting were 80/60 for web/mobile)

- as a result of the previous point, my speed times went down dramatically in Google Analytics, which is fantastic

- my visitors duplicated in the first month after transferring to WA and not doing much more.

So yes, the way I see it, WA improves a lot any website performance and it has great tools for indexing and ranking way better than the competition
Sammi30 Premium
Thanks for sharing your input. Your speed times went down on google analytics, isn’t that bad? Don’t we want the speed time to increase? I need to get familiar with google analytics still clearly 🤦‍♀️
pbarrientos Premium
As an example, in Google analytics, a page used to load in 9 secs, now just for being hosted in WA it loads in less than 2 secs