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It is the usual morning routine for me. Time for that 2nd cup of coffee.Setteling in, I plan to work though a small portion of my in-box, which is overflowing as usual. A quick glance and I see the name Sean of the South as sender. He is a new writer whom I was introduced to through a friend who likes to surf the internet. She knows my interests, and thought I might enjoy some of his writing. As usual a friend met though another friend will come nearer being someone you will read more oft
MorningThere are few things as frustrating a finding out you are creating so many issues for yourself as you flounder about. it is a great deal like trying to learn to swim! The harder you flap your arms, the less distance you can cover.As I have been in the "beginners pool" a good while now, I find that the lack of confidence in what I do know can cause some issues. However, it was reassuring to realise that you have some basis for the information that is being shared. I had with some past
Is Email marketing becoming extinct?This question was KatieMac's title for a blog a few days ago. I appreciate the blog as it gave some information about that form of marketing and it's strength. It also made me think about what I had unknowingly gathered concerning the business strategy. i If you read this post Katie, what was your end result of the comments shared?I think that the world is definitely changin
Morning all,You know that I have been here a while- and you know how I think that Wealthy Affiliate is as near perfect as humans can make it! All the education and training are here- so what is the news that I would like to share? Really, I am asking when the "blinkers" come off? (blinkers are used for horse racing to keep the horse from being distracted from the path he is to run) Is there an official ceremony that lets us know we have finally "graduated" and do not need them anymore? I
December 03, 2015
Did you know we should not delete images from the library in our Word Press files? Surly not the ones we have used on pages and in posts! Of all the things discussed here- that is one I missed the warning about! So in a time of feeling the need to be productive, and not really do anything, I "cleaned out the image files" thinking that they had been used, and to prevent over use, I would simply discard them! Wrong Move! Took 2 days to get all the broken links repaired! And so unnecessary!
As I have found myself in over my head this whole Wealthy Affiliate journey, I decided to start swimming in the really deep water! I have found that in my life's journey, that right before I think I am sinking, When the student is ready, the teacher appears! Had the first run in with this, as far is W A is concerned, last Friday and read about a method of eating a frog! Hit home for me and this past week end was much more productive and results were better. Still have lots of bad habits
October 06, 2015
I am having issues saving after editing. This is on a post that I had been working on. I have about 14 versions! I am using the Sidney Theme. Anyone out there using this one?I did do an update to the theme,a few days ago when prompted, but had not completed the edit, and when I returned to do so, I saved through each section. I am seeing on screen that the save was done- at least looked like it had saved. As stated above, happened several times as i edited yesterday and today. however, w
July 31, 2015
Wealthy Affiliate has become my addiction! Point proven this week! With my game plan in hand, I started the week, only to discover that my internet connection was not full strength! Was not half strength! No band width at all. Many wasted minutes trying for the connect to get google going. A hit and miss connection, when I did connect, was lost quickly.Had planned to move my site Monday to my domain from Rubix. Leaving on a short trip on Wednesday. Wanted the move done MONDAY! Did not h
As we go into the healing of a "growing phase" of our community, I wanted to share how I have come to see progress here. I look out, and up the street, and see a shop with an Australian flair, their unique side of the universe and culture that they share with us, as their shop reflects the traditions and and lifestyles they know and love.I see, next door to them a store with a Canadian shop keeper. Then there is a Scottish feel to the next window down the street. Across for that one, the adven