True Success, Not On The Fast Lane

Last Update: June 05, 2018

"True success not on the fast lane" has been written from an experience of a consistent struggle to earn a living online.`

Full disclosure: I dont consider myself a writer but this seems like a task i must complete to test my resolution to be fully committed to creating a digital lifestyle. i strongly believe that how i engage in the days ahead is a key factor to achieving this dream.

About me

My name is Sam. I live in Corpus Christi, a small beautiful city on the coastline, south of Texas. I like to learn from anything that adds value to my mind because I believe a battle first won in my mind, is a battle won physically. Similarly, i also believe that value creation gradually leads to wealth. But i haven't always had this mindset.

Awesome opportunity

In 2015 i stumbled upon a website. I cannot even remember how i got there. But for obvious reasons, i immediately loved the sound of Wealthy Affiliates because it sounded like the name of a rich country club where all the wealthy dudes converge for improtant business deals... So why not? I quickly signed up, taking advantage of the seven days FREE trial to get my feet wet.

Dont be fooled by flirty entities

At the time i found Wealthy Affiliate, i was quite inexperience. As such, i did not fully understand the magnitude or value of what i had just discovered and gotten into. Pretty soon, the noisy nature of our virtual world, the internet soon amplifies the campaigns of flirty entities that offer get rich quick schemes. Off i went.

Lost money and time over and over aingain before i realized one could lose his head in this tarrain. i knew what i wanted and where i wanted to go with my quest for success online, but a lot of things crowded how i can edge my way into making reasonable progress at least.

You are new... My advice.

I don't mean to be forward, but if you are new online, and you found Wealthy Affiliates, considar yourself lucky and don't quit! This right here, may just be the clear contrast between financial freedom and losing your head on the fast lane. Understanding this "wonderland", has given me a frame of mind, where quick fix and fast lane are only imbedded in hard work, consistency and timely action.

Why did i become a Wealthy Affiliate?

My first son is a huge fan of the channel NageoWild. Even though i am not much of a TV person, i get a chance to enjoy the adventure in the wild with him at regular intervals. As i watch the wild life, it hit me that the animals who fall prey to the predators are the ones who walk in isolation from the pack. There is a reason why birds with mutual interest flock together in harmony. Perhaps, they fully understand what we humans may not quite grasps, fraternity. It really can be lonely out there in the wild. it is twice as hard to try to figure things out alone without a mentor. This is one of the main reasons i got back into WA.

From that stand point, it dawned on me that Wealthy Affiliate is a huge community of people who have this profound dedication and a common focus to help eachother succeed, not on the fast lane though, but by way of providing specific solutions to a range of challenges community members face.

It took me over two years going back forth to fully understand the power of this virtual platform.

Like the good old saying, "if the value of a thing is not comprehended, abuse is inevitable". Some times we have tendensies to take for granted useful opportunities that are capable of setting us up on the right path to success. especially when we have a free access. That was me some time ago. Today is a new day. i am optimistic that the journey will be exciting and challenging at the same time.

If you have not yet started, i encourage you to join the ride to success.

I am hoping that sharing my experience through this post will resonate with someone who is probably still sitting on the fence about the decision to seriously take due advantage of Wealthy Affiliate... Stick round, Take action and be successful. God bless.

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LayoA Premium
Absolutely spot on! I must have joined around 2015/16 and I kept going back n forth as well, after learning from the “gurus” with no result and more confusion, I’m back home(WA). If you are new, take all he’s said, truth is you cant have as many dedicated community members as WA and people are genuinely ready to answer you and share their knowledge. Since I got back (less than three weeks ago) , I’m more determined to see this through, it’s not about the money first for me, it’s me proving “MYSELF to ME”, that I can achieve something if I’m committed to it, so far it’s been good and I intend to keep it that way! (Ok I have to stop there before I make a blog post within another, lol)
Sam-Oa Premium
Layo, thank you immeasurably for sharing your experience. it's very encouraging. I promise to stick around and build :-) so help me God!