Making My First Sale

Last Update: November 07, 2017

Making My First Sale

Howdy WA fans ,

It is Sam-K , for the people who do not know me , I am an engineer and researcher from Jordan .

Today I would like to share with you my humble experience at WA and I would like to celebrate my first sale .I will help people who are still not ranking .I would like to share my experience and errors to avoid when it comes to ranking . I have learned that the hard way .In addition , I will make you rank in an easy way ,read on ,.

Celebrating The Success

I have made a 3 dollars revenue at eBay few weeks ago . Unfortunately ,I could not celebrate that at time because eBay Partner Network -definitely-would not allow people form my country to be in . They closed my account . BUT :

I am crazy enough to believe I can do anything in life

I did not gave up on them , I contacted them , exchanged many emails ,and few weeks later I have been accepted again after changing the whole account .After all , they want us to send buyers to them .They want to promote themselves as eBay .

The point in here is that what seems impossible at the beginning turns out to be very easy later on .There is nothing called failure , failure is only in our minds.

Although I lost that first 3 dollars, I was very happy , because they were a proof that I could make a site , rank , drive people to buy and get revenues . That's what it meant to me .It made me proud of myself and proud that I joined Wealthy Affiliates .

Trying with Amazon

At the time when eBay closed my account , I changed the links in my site to Amazon . Today I got a 1.85 dollars revenue . -My first sale on Amazon - .

It was just a trial site , , I have made that site to practice Jays teachings after watching his webinar about a live niche case study ( Football Snack Helmets ) .The site did not rank at the beginning , it was full of review pages for hats , then I started to experience with posts , and with AMP . Suddenly , I started to get 10 visitors per day .WAW .

Structured Data issues Matter A lot :

I wanted to enhance my site for visitors , I played with the all in one SEO settings after reading a post on the web for optimal settings .Well , that was a big mistake .The site plunged down and I do not get visitors any more because there was a lot of structured data errors now .

To worsen the case , I put some codes in the AMP head thinking that I am including buttons and enhancing the site looks on mobile - An other big mistake that plunged my site to the bottom in google eyes .

Now , I have learned my lesson , Structured data in Google Search Console matters a lot .

Aka-You will never ever rank if you have structured data errors .

My experience and advise on how to rank in google :

1- Make a site and buy the domain name .Site-Rubix is for learning not for ranking .

i.e , you would not rank using a site-rubix domain .

2-Start making posts , choose low competition keywords , eyeball the SERPs and see how many pages are there on google search that are talking about the subject .

All Keyword planners in all the world are not accurate .

Keyword planner in wealthy affiliate is great but if you know how to use it ( you have to remove the a , an , how , and other auxiliary words to get a more accurate result ) .

3- Answer as many people questions as you can in your post . It is not necessarily that you put tall the questions in subtitles . It is just you put the answer in your paragraphs .

4- Use Schema Markup . Basic schema for articles and webpages should be on every page and post of your site .

5- Fix structured data errors on Google console :

This is extremely important if you want to rank on google . Structured data errors including hentry , vcards, Short ,Long,and Dublicate Meta descriptions are all factors that prevent you from ranking .

Those can be fixed either from ALL In ONE SEO settings or from the theme settings .

I personally believe that most people do not rank because of these errors , especially for WordPress themes .I will write about the best AIOSEO settings later on .

6- Use Amp : Amp pages rank well in google . According to my experience , it all started with amp pages then the rankings started to spread to other pages in my site .

7- You do not rank a page or a post , you rank a group of pages or posts that are connected together and covers a subject .

8- Use internal and external linking , use rel=nofollow for all external links ( extremely important ) .

Even if you link to google itself and you do not use rel=nofollow , your page will plunge down in ranking .

9- Page content :

This is one of the hardest and most controversial parts of ranking in google .

If you want something you never had , you have to do something you have never done . This is true for unique content or design .

I will write about optimizing page content later on , because actually I am developing my own method on this subject and I am gonna share it with you later on when I test it enough .

Thanks for reading , and I would like to thank Kyle , Carson ,and all the people on wealthy affiliates that helped me .And Special Thanks to the great site support at WA .

I would save Jay to the end , because I have a special thank to him.

10- Webinars :

Jays webinars are a must watch if you want to rank on google . The man has great experience and he is giving it free for us . It is your chance to learn as much as you can from him . After trying with many niches .I realized that EVERY WORD JAY SAYS IS IMPORTANT for ranking .So , watch these webinars and pay attention .

11. Kyle Training :

Even though I am ranking , I am still learning and continuing with Kyles lessons . It is hardly to find time when you have a site and a blog to work on . BUT , with every lesson and video that I watch I learn a new thing .The spirit of marketing that is important to remind ourselves about .

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Kyle Premium
Awesome, congrats on your first of MANY to come. As you continue to move forward and continue to build out your website, you are going to see more and more rankings, traffic and revenue as a result.

And that is just brushing the surface in terms of the skillset you are going to acquire as you move forward through the training here. ;)
Sam-K Premium
Thanks Kyle .
You taught me the soul of the affiliate marketing .I really appreciate that . I am still learning from your lessons , with every lesson I become a better marketer . Thanks . and keep on .